A Day In My Life

Konnichiwa everyone!

I’m not sure if anyone is curious about what I do on a regular basis but I’ll just blog about this because I want to, hehe. Maybe a year from now my usual routine would be different and it would be interesting to read this entry again haha.


 Most people still have this idea that I’m a professional.. bum (whuttt) because I’m very active in social media. The thing is, my current profession revolves around the internet and most of my projects are launched in the web. I love observing trends and reading articles about productivity and such (since time management is something that I feel I should work on).

Even though I don’t have a “fixed” work schedule and it’s flexible, I’m really just the type of person who never runs out of things to do. Whenever I cross out one task from my to-do list, I can come up with 10 more lolol. That’s how my creative juices are overflowing from my brain and sometimes, it does get me in trouble.. because I have this tendency to procrastinate work… with another work. ;_;

Anyway, I’ll just try my best to narrate a “usual” day in my life. The non-PMS day hahaha.


(First of all, please do not judge me and my fake crocs lol)

Regularly, I wake up at around 7-8:00 in the morning. If I had a social interaction the night before (like meeting with friends etc haha), I’d probably wake up at 10:00~. I know that this is probably a bad habit that I should rid of but the first thing I do is to check our social media accounts + my inbox if there is something new. After 30 minutes of contemplating what to do for the whole day / setting my priorities to maximize every hour, I’d wash up + brush my teeth.

If I feel hungry, I’d go to a nearby kombini in my true Kaila outfit lol (loose shirt, jogging pants, and work shoes LOLOLOL no judging haha). This is why I love living somewhere far from the city where nobody really knows and cares about me. : ))

After finishing all the duties, sometimes I’d bring my laptop with me so I can work somewhere else or I’ll just go to a nearby mall (1 train ride away from where I live) and I’d work out in the gym / run for a bit. Exercising has helped me soothe my senses / calm my mood swings especially when I’m PMS-ing (#truth) haha.

Before going to gym, I’d go to Nana’s Green Tea for a lunch set for brunch. Random fact about Kaila: I don’t cook at all hahaha


After the gym session (or after the cafe work time), I would walk back to our place on foot (2 stations away) because I love walking and taking random pictures of flowers around me. : )) #Kaila


My life is not as glamorous as it probably appears on social media or here on my blog (I hope that it doesn’t show that way like “life is perfect”, “living the perfect life” etc. haha). I just really find happiness in the littlest things around me haha. A new seasonal pocky flavor discovery would make my day and seeing random flowers around the neighborhood would make me feel good (!!)… and I guess, two of my simple joys in life include documenting those + sharing those through my blog.

Before, my “work” involved more hands-on work such as crumpling of newspapers, packing big stuff for clients (for our business), and the like. Now, I have a bigger challenge because all of my current projects are still in the “testing the waters” phase, .. just being backed up with determination and positivity (and lots of support from my brother). I am not sure if JLM Store / Kawaii PH Store would hit it *BIG* in the future or “Our Kawaii Tokyo” would really end up as a real book and to be sold in Amazon someday.. but if there is one thing that I’m sure of… it’s my crazy drive / will to make these dreams and mini businesses successful.

What I’ve learned from everything that I’ve been doing is that.. I am just trying out what would work best in all kinds of situations (not perfect, but best). Whenever a failure would creep out and try to demotivate me / us.. I really don’t give a whole lot of damn now unlike before haha. When you’ve had too many failures / trials & errors.. you’d be desensitised later on. I guess I’m really stubborn haha. All the successful entrepreneurs / businessmen are (which I aspire to be). I guess this is where my being hard-headed can be put into good use. : )))


(And this is why I have over 20,000 + photos on my phone lol. I take too many pictures! ;_;)


And yes, this is me in my usual crazy self. I’m always game for anything ridiculous wahaha.

Please don’t ask why we have Kumamon and Funassyi mascots at home. Maybe this is our culture at home / in our company on how to handle stress haha.

During night time, this is the time when I would chat and catch up with friends (either about work or just being silly to each other online). Night time means “execution” time after all the planning, thinking, doodling that happened in the morning / afternoon.

Honestly, I don’t really religiously stick to a routine because I get tired of sticking with one for a week. That is why I try my best to spice up my days by either being weird (wearing mascots we bought from auctions lololol), calling people at home (talking to my grandma haha), walking and trying different routes (+ snapping photos of flowers), window shopping, etc.

This is how I come up with ideas & this is also my way to prevent myself to be get bored with what I do. I have short attention span too.. so there. Everyday, I do cheat myself to be productive (because seriously, I’d rather just watch youtube all day haha) and to keep myself in a positive disposition even with all the hurdles. ^^*hugs self*

There you go, that’s a day in the life of Kaila. I hope that some of my weird antics or revelations didn’t shock you or something haha.



12 thoughts on “A Day In My Life

  1. Awwww !! The photos are so refreshing 🙂 I’m seriously loving this entry ♥ it just shows how simple your life is yet you make the best out of it. I would love to see moreeeee ~ hihihi xoxo. :*

  2. Absolutely love it! Such gorgeous pictures, and I love reading about your day c: It’s the best thing to enjoy the little things around you, that’s how you achieve happiness ^__^

  3. I love how out of your busy routine you find things in the routine itself to make it fun. I hope that life continues blessing you in so many ways Kaila you really deserve all the good life has to offer. Thanks for making us smile everytime you make a post because there is always something beautiful to learn about or see or experience. <3

  4. I absolutely love walking. Shame it’s not easy to do so around the areas I frequent. 🙁 Never safe + Pollution + Sidewalks too tiny for a decent stroll. Also, naww. Your life is perfect with the problems you encounter; it’s just a matter of perspective. :> Keep the positivity! ♥

  5. Lovely photos as always~ Life is always magical when we appreciate the littlest things 😀 And yayyy for walks!


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