A Lovely Day in Ueno: Tokyo’s Panda Town!

おはようございます!Good morning, everyone!  :heart:

Yesterday, my class went to Ueno and saw Pandas + Old Japan! It felt like we were in elementary school where we had to follow our teacher during fieldtrips… : )) Nonetheless, it was fun! And I got to shop a bit, which is always FUN for me! Hehe  :star:

Ueno station was around 10 stations away from where I live. I only had to ride Kehin Tohoku line so it’s really convenient for me to come here!

I was an hour early so I walked around Ameyokocho and ate Nikuman in 7-eleven.

My awesome lolita letterbag that has received a lot of feedback!  :cute2:


My good morning face! : ))

Panda town, it is.

This ramen shop really surprised me! The chopsticks + ramen were moving! @_@ Shocked the hell out of me during my morning stroll.

Famous landmark in Ueno!

My mouse flats say Hi!

Nikuman + Nihon style Coffee!


I took these photos because the graphic design is just too creative! It must have taken DAYS for the artist to complete these posters!

More Panda souvenir cuteness! I think Japan has perfected souvenir-making already : ))

This is where students pray to pass their entrance exams : )

Omikuji by students

Tomoko Sensei being cute and pretending to be taller than 9 Kumi’s Australian student

First stop was the museum near Ueno’s lake. It’s a small museum which houses some stuff from Old Japan. Everything in my Samurai X memories have resurfaced in my mind! Haha

Got photobombed by Sensei

I could live with this! And the sewing machine exactly looks like our vintage sewing machine at home (which I could still use)!!

Japanese Jackstones!!


Right: I’m pretending to be the onsen keeper (the one who gets the money from hotspring customers)!  :blank:


Cafe HIBIKI (Ueno’s Super Cute Panda Cafe!)

Right after our short museum escapade, I joined my Indonesian for the first time to have lunch! Had so much fun with them~

Here’s my 400 Yen order! Panda pan + POOH PUMPKIN MAN (or siopao)


I love Pooh, as you can see!

Leen’s sibling!

I told ya~ Hahaha

Doitsu Panda rocking her outfit!

OH NO, I finished it already :OO

LOL at Pooh’s face! Haha

And we got bored…


Ueno Zoo

I’m telling you, the Japanese kids are the cutest EVER! OMG!! Just had to snap a photo and a kid with the rosiest cheeks LOOKED AT ME!

The Black & White panda image is nothing but a huge LIE…

Shin-shin just showed us his dirty butt throughout the whole time…


Thank you Dawa-san for always taking my pictures! Huhuhu..



I love rabbits! (thus my My Melody craze) haha~

Bats and hamsters~


Oh no, the crocodile! Haha

My gorgeous friend in her golden crown, Dawa!


I had fun being silly with these stuffed toys. Haha I’m such a kid!!





Going Home~

After our short trip in Ueno Zoo, Dawa & I parted ways. I went to Ameyokocho to shop around.

Just brought my brother’s digital camera with me because I didn’t want to hassle myself with my heavy slr..


Fail outfit post : )))

What was inside my bag : ) TOO GIRLY!! = )))


I bought skirts for my Spring wardrobe! So happy to get these at a cheap price!!!

And one of my favorite additions to my sweet lolita tops!! I love the Scallop cut below~ and the lace @___@


Hope that was an interesting post! I had fun writing all of these…  :333:

I’m currently planning for my next video. Do you have any questions for me? It can be simple, silly… just keep it safe! Hahaha~


4 thoughts on “A Lovely Day in Ueno: Tokyo’s Panda Town!

  1. PANDA HEAVEN RIGHT THEREEEEEEE~ My sister’s teasing me na she’ll go there raw and buy me NOTHING. ;____; <//3

    And omg ate I love your outfit!! And your purchases~~~ Bawal mag long-sleeve dito… Summer na eh. </3

    And and I'd like a shout-out~ ;u; oh and a dare.. =)) Can you sing any Big Bang / Arashi song? :'D hehehe~ :heart:

  2. the picture wherein the croc is trying to eat you is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeee!! <3 *_* especially your expression <3


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