ABC x Rainbowholic Day 1: Taking A Break

Hello everyone!

Yaaayy it’s Saturday here! Cannot believe how fast time flies! ;_; Yesterday just felt like another Saturday, haha. Ohnoes!

Anyway, let’s get this started! Here is my first narrative blog entry about ABC x Rainbowholic!


I think I’ve introduced Abbey ( a lot of times already on my blog? We first met when I visited DLSU years ago. We decided to have a quick “chat” (which felt like a reunion actually haha, considering it was our first time to meet!!) and I invited her to become a shop sponsor for Kawaii in Manila 1! And that makes Abbey as one of the first believers of our kawaii vision, haha! Omggg, she was still studying that time. Has it already been years?! :O

Trivia: She’s from the same university (DLSU) and we took the same course (Advertising Management from College of Business) and we were both members of AdCreate Society (our course’s org). INSTANT CONNECTION yes! Haha! But she is 2 batches lower than me. Or 3? Imagine all the possibilities if we met at the same time haha. Holyshiz

Alsooo… we have a lot in common such as:

  • We have the same zodiac sign lololol (go Capricorns wahaha) that’s why we call each other fondly as “Cappy” / “Caps” / “Cappie” (cue awww)
  • We are so passionate and driven about life. ;_; That’s why our coffee dates / lamon moments would be: 80% dreaming / sharing of productivity hacks / goal-setting LOLOLOL and 20% would be the less serious stuff about life
  • Our “best” actually means: best of the best of the best of the best of the best…  :))
  • We love strategizing and planning lololol
  • We love reading books that can help us become more effective in our respective fields haha
  • We love writing down our thoughts to unload all the feels. To-do lists make us sane! It’s a must!
  • We dislike wasting time over things / situations that aren’t meaningful. Everything has to have a single purpose or two.
  • We are still shocked at how far we’ve come from. Seriously, we were just talking about our crazy dreams in our 2nd meeting / lunch together 2 years ago???
  • We love Japan.
  • We love traveling. (Check her Life in Transit / South-east Asia Backpacking Adventure omg)
  • We love kawaii (donut deny it abbey haha kawaii girl ka alam ko hahaha chars). We bought the same Toy Story theme park shirt from Disneyland lololol.
  • We are practical yet impulsive shopaholics (contradictory yes)

We’re kind of the same but Abbey is more artistic than I do (check her pinterest-worthy instagram people haha). Also, have you watched her deliver her TEDx talk (On Life & Lettering) before? This girl is wilddd! And we are all so proud of her!!! :”)

Moving on, I think I should start with the narration already haha.


2 days before her arrival, I was cramming to do general cleaning. Our office / place had to be at its best of course, lol.


Since Abbey’s flight was around noon that day, I left at 8/9 for the bus to Narita.

So happy that I could wear shorts again!

Buying food from a kombini because I knew I would starve in the bus haha


Upon arrival (2 hours earlier than her arrival lol), I roamed around Narita Airport for OurKawaii.Tokyo duties.


I posted a Narita Airport Mini Guide (Terminal 2) and you can read it here.



IMG_2724_rainbowholic IMG_2737_rainbowholic

My favorite, maccha almod chocolate from Royce!!


Now waiting….

Sweetest friend award goes to… :))


After she arrived, we inquired about the pocket wifi. If you want to rent one, there are a lot of wifi rental companies within the arrival area. ^^


We took the Keisei Skyliner (the cheapest one) from Narita to Ueno. And we just left our heavy baggages inside a rental locker inside Keisei Station.


We explored Ueno a lot and kept on talking, talking, talking, and more talking haha



Ate the most delicious katsudon I’ve every eaten in some mini restaurant.

(I should start writing down names of the places where I eat lol.)



Ueno park~ such a chill day!



I told Abbey to just avail Suica for a hassle-free commute! 🙂 We will blog about this on OurKawaii.Tokyo soon!



Welcome treat for Abbey from me! We enjoyed this matcha parfait from Nana’s Green Tea in Urawa.


I brought her to Yuzawaya (inside Parco Urawa), a big arts & crafts / DIY store <3




(Village Vanguard)



After our mini Ueno exploration + Nanaha date + Yuzawaya hoarding, we decided to call it a day. <3


(P.S. I just finished our collab video together! She did all the lettering in this video! <3

Also, abbey, I love your handwriting huhuhu!)


Day One’s Takeaway


Days after Abbey went back to Manila, I decided to compile and arrange my thoughts. I really realized a lot of things during this trip! 🙂



For the past few days / weeks, I was struggling to get myself more inspired and focused on my work. Even if I am being “busy”, it didn’t feel like I was effective enough because I think I’ve stretched my limits already. I’ve been juggling TOO many things, and my attention span is cray cray. ;_; Bonding with Abbey enlightened me a lot about many things. She shared with me how she works, and how I could apply it with my own kind of time management, and the like. Actually, we are both swamped with work at the moment and it felt like the universe really made us to travel together so we can refresh our thoughts and lighten up a bit and enjoy life more lol.

After Day 1, I realized that it’s okay to take a break (I keep on forgetting about this, haha). I really felt more motivated after her short stay here. I feel like I can conquer the deadlines.. and not the other way around. ^^

I guess that would be all for Day 1. Can’t wait to blog about the rest of the days!

Love, カイラ

4 thoughts on “ABC x Rainbowholic Day 1: Taking A Break

  1. That stormtrooper hat is craaaazy (in a good way). And I want to try the matcha almond chocolate too! Love matcha <3

  2. It’s super cool that you found someone that you sync up so well with 😀
    Getting excited about things together and sharing those experiences with them makes for memories that you’ll never forget.
    Your schoolgirl outfits were really cute too ~

  3. I was just reading about her book launch on instagram! I think she’s super talented and it should be sold worldwide! 😀
    Maybe even through PH store<333333333


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