ABC x Rainbowholic Last Day


Just a quick update before I focus on today’s tasks! 🙂

I cannot believe that this is already the last blog entry for the ABC x Rainbowholic (Part 1!!) series. So many feelings, huhu! Abbey and I had a skype date yesterday night too so… *more feels* >_< MISSING MY FRIEND so much ;_;

Hoping for another ABCxRainbowholic this year! *crosses fingers*


Before I accompanied Abbey to Narita airport, she surprised me with these lovely handwritten notes. Thank you so much for this kind gesture! And huhuhu the letter… :((

I love fetching dearest friends / meeting friends after a long time.. but parting ways would always make me feel ;__;


Before she went inside the immigration, we had our last-for-now meal. It was a huge meal lololol we weren’t able to finish it! 🙁




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Abbey borrowed my book and read it on our way to the airport. And I reread my favorite parts.




Bought a box of my favorite Tokyo Banana to comfort my lonely self.. lol


Chaos that happened after :)) I think I resumed working right after our adventure together. Woops!

I guess that would be all for now ~

<3, カイラ

3 thoughts on “ABC x Rainbowholic Last Day

  1. Abbey’s art looks awesome as always! 🙂

    I looooooove katsu curry and the one you guys had is making me drool right now at 2am. It looks so delicious! The portions look insanely huge too.

  2. Omg your photos always make me smile! And that curry *o* And omg what are those delicious looking banana things?! I need to find these!


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