Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu! Hello 2015!

 Konnichiwa everyone! Hope you guys had a fantastic holiday season with your loved ones!

And of course… HAPPY NEW YEAR!! <3


(Illustration by Little Miss Paintbrush)

I originally wanted to blog my own version of 2014 year-end post.. but it might take long again because I have to back-read a lot of posts! Ohnoes~ haha!

Sooooo.. I’ll just keep my #achievementunlocked list short! 🙂

Arigatou to all for being part of my memorable 2014!

Thank you to everyone who showed support in his / her own way!  I am forever grateful! :love:

And to summarize ~

Last year’s highlights would be:

Singapore Trip (for my Birthday)

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in Hongkong with Anne!

Soul-searching in Kyoto Before Super Hands-on KIM2 Planning!

Passing the Japanese Driving License Exam (proud second-take passer! huhu)

Kawaii Philippines’ Growth + Kawaii in Manila 2

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Operations (I have no more wisdom left lolol)

Kawaii PH HQ + Kawaii PH Store

Rainbowholic Meet-up

Our Kawaii Tokyo Plans with Ashley

Kawaii Empowerment

Design Festa with Anggy-chan

Kawaii PH TV Tie-up with IBC13 (a Local Broadcasting Station in the Philippines)





Again, arigatou 皆さん!

Let’s unlock more dreams this 2015! Let’s appreciate all the great memories of 2014 and leave all of our worries behind! : )


Love, Kaila

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