And Then Life Happened

I don’t know if you guys were aware but..

I was suddenly hospitalized for a week after my recent foreign trips. @_@ I didn’t eat something bad along the way (the dishes were all heavenly btw) but it was because of the sudden rush of things / everything just happened ALL AT THE SAME TIME ;_;

I was rushed two times with an ambulance in 2 different days because of the unbelievable pain in my right abdomen. At first, the doctor told me that it was ulcer (dafuq, I always eat ;_;).. and then on the next day, we had my tummy check and it was because of gallstones! It really freaked me out because I’m actually a healthy eater (now). : O :O

It all started when I was on my way back to Tokyo while riding the airplane. I thought it was because of my claustrophobic nature (I checked in a bit late so I wasn’t able to change my seats >_<). I felt a sharp pain somewhere in my tummy. I even stayed for an hour in the comfort room just so I could breathe! I went back to my unlucky seat (located right in the middle ;_;) and just prayed that I could sleep and the plane would land soon.. it was an 11-hour flight btw ;_;

Upon arriving Tokyo, I felt a lot better already. I thought it was because of my.. period (I always feel bad when I have red days / pre-red says)! BUT I WAS WRRROOOOONG. At around 11pm that day, I experienced my first major attack!! I quickly called my brother from their house if he could send me to the hospital because I felt like I was dying already.. I couldn’t breathe and it was just TOO PAINFUL huhuhuhu.  Unfortunately, the “emergency room” system is SO different here in Japan. They won’t accept patients (even if you’re dying) at once.. you still have to patiently wait for your turn to get treated / it is by reservation. Imagine me sitting on a wheelchair and then my brother was having a debate with the guard / nurse / reception.. We gave up after that so my brother just called an ambulance (which was for free ;_;) and they helped us send me to vacant / not-so-busy hospital! I thought it would be all gone if I just rested but…

After two days, I felt a sharp pain again despite the meds I was taking so my brother called the ambulance for aid. I got all kinds of tests / exams within the day… and then doctor told me I had to be hospitalized ;_______; My sister-in-law just gave birth so imagine all the bills my brother had to pay…  :tss:

At that time, my life really paused.

I accidentally brought the overdue unopened mails from my readers with me. It was perfect timing because I really needed these during my down times ;_;

Thank you Brittany & Katieee!! 

I was bored to death in the hospital so my brother brought  books. This was one of those..  :heart:

For two freaking days, they didn’t let me eat and drink water because everytime I did, it would hurt like hell again.

I literally lived because of the dextrose.. imagine not drinking water for two days ;_;

Whenever I update Rainbowholic’s facebook page… it would always relax me. It’s probably because I can easily interact with my readers.

Thank you all for the sweetest messages during my ;___; times …  :cutee:

Wrote postcards to family and friends~  :yay:


My brothers bought fresh flowers for me. Awww ;__;

I needed to do something or else I’d go crazy in my little room so my brother bought these DIY kits ;__; AWWWW..

Fuwa-fuwa felt kits are so fun!

I’m a CAT! Haha kidding. This was my last meal in the hospital.. I stayed for 10 days I think?

(btw my real name is Catherine.. don’t be so surprised, haha!)

The secret why I left the hospital earlier.

Actually, the doctor did not allow me to eat any food from outside.. the hospital food was so-so / a bit unappetizing so I really lost weight (2-3kg loss).  And I’d always feel the right abdomen pain (that goes all the way to the back) after eating.


Last friday, the doctor / sensei told me that my medical results were bad so I might stay until October 21! That was really shocking because I’ve been in the hospital for so long already and we will be going bankrupt already if I stayed later so… >_<

Also during that night, the most painful of the most painful of the most painful (x 10) attack happened. I had to bear with the pain because it was too early to drink a painkiller again. I just prayed that everything would just pass… and it did pass.  :blush:

My brother and I finally decided to work on our family health secret. How I wish I did this more before so I could’ve prevented everything ;_; Huhuhuhu thou shall always listen to my mother now >__<

One hour before every meal, I would drink a cup of (icky) Aloe Vera juice. Food + meds will be taken later. I took ARCTIC SEA (fish oil capsules) twice or thrice per day.

I managed to finish 2 jugs in the weekend and on Saturday, I had a great detoxifying experience (ifyouknowwhatimean hahaha). It seemed like some gallstones were flushed away + my inflammation in the liver/gallbladder miraculously disappeared!

By Monday morning, the doctor had me examined again and she was surprised to find out that my results had changed so drastically. I just smiled at her because I couldn’t tell the truth that I “overdosed” myself with GOOD stuff like Aloe Vera from Forever Living!!

Saying goodbye to my  room..

Actually, I’m a bit grateful that these painful things happened to me. I feel like a real WONDERWOMAN now @_@

I traveled to Hongkong, went back to Japan.. and left for Netherlands the next day. A week before my spontaneous Hongkong trip, I had to tour and be with my parents for their first visit in Japan. Prior to that, I had a big collaboration with a new brand… and it involved a lot of preparation and lack of sleep! @_@

And while everything was happening, I got my first heart-breaking experience. Literally guys ;_;  ;_;

But life goes on. I know I’ve done my best in everything. My eyes are now numb with crying and my brain has finally taken over my heart.

*insert Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger music here*


Pain is good. It toughens you up. I feel like I can endure anything now! LIFE, I DARE YOU!! Go ahead and throw rocks at me.. just kidding, haha~




12 thoughts on “And Then Life Happened

  1. I wish for your tummy and your heart to stay strong and healthy! HAHA you really are a wonder woman and my idol! <3 hahaha take care, dear…

  2. My brother had to have surgery to remove his gall bladder. I’m so sorry you had to endure that pain but very happy you’re feeling better and you seem stronger/healthier because of it :cute:

  3. Your brothers are really sweet. :heart: You’re so lucky! I hope you won’t cry anymore. It’s okay to fall down sometimes. We’ve all been there. I salute you for keeping strong. :hihi:

  4. Wow, that seems to be a really hard time for you.
    I’m relieved you’re feeling a bit better and that you have such a great mindset! It’s always easier if you think so. :cute:

    You’re brother is a really nice guy! :nod: Good you have someone like this in your life. Someone who’s always at your side!

    You’re a really wonderwoman! :3:

  5. I had no idea that you stayed in the hospital for that long! I thought it was like 2 days x_x
    I hope you never get sick like that again!!!

  6. I was sooooooo SHOCKED to read this :what:
    You’ve gone through alot of work and this is the result :what:
    Nee-chan, when you said you’re in the Hospital, I was sooooooo worried, I prayed for you and hoping that you could feel better 😥
    its a good thing you’re resting for a bit.
    I’ve also gone MAD about the Jap Hospital.even when there’s a person dying. they need RESERVATIONS!!!WTH is that Hospital!!
    Good thing your bro called an ambulance and quickly send you in a good room to feel your comfort.
    your brother really takes good care of you. his a ROLE MODEL for me or to everyone else around here 😀
    I want those KAWAII FUWA FUWA KITS SO MUCH :yay:
    I’m glad you’re already better 😀
    also remember this nee-chan: don’t ever forget to rest 😀

  7. i really love reading your blog. I hope you are all better now, I really admire you! Go kaila! I think your brother is really awesome! :yay:

  8. Wow!! You’re such a strong woman! 🙂 besides everything that happened, you still manage to blog and do your stuffs :heart: . Anyways, stay healthy! And I hope everything will go well with you especially with your heartbreak stuffs :boo: God bless! :yay:

  9. I’m glad you were strong enough to get over all of that hardship. I think Japanese hospitals have really good service but they can be so expensive without insurance :boo: I definitely think that this will push you on to bigger and brighter things though. Good luck!

  10. I’m glad you’re okay na :”) And I’m glad na I was able to talk to you while you were in the hospital dati :(((

    Chin up, Ate! Everything will be okay~~~ :heart: Huwag istress ang sarili masyado and always remember to rest (and that I am here for you mehe) 🙂


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