Atarashii Tomodachi!

I’ve been updating a lot of my subdomains but I haven’t blogged much about my school and life here in Japan.. so here’s a quick update!  :heart:


I was moved to a new class and it was a great opportunity for me to gain new friends! I just met this wonderful girl named Leen (who’s in front of me in our class) from Indonesia! Amazing how we had a Friday date after class when we’ve just met last Tuesday! I love my new friends as much as my friends from 9-kumi and 6-kumi! They are the reason why I could speak in Japanese during conversations  :yay:

PURIKURAAAAA! MY EYESSSSSS and the eye magnifier effect HAHA

We ate crepes and I semi-toured her around in Harajuku (though she’s been in Japan for a lot of times already).

She just turned 18 and she had lots of patternmaking and fashion-design courses while she was in highschool. She showed me her works being modeled in a fashion show. Amazing!

It’s great to be surrounded by outgoing and happy-go-lucky dreamers like her! I really believe that by the time she goes back to Indonesia, she’ll be so successful.  :star: And we can relate a lot with each other such as having boyfriends back in our home countries. It’s HARD but POSSIBLE ~ :333: As she says, with faith and trust!  :yay:


Cheers to more hang-outs! But first, we have to remember to do “CHOKIN” (saving up money). Whenever we’d see something we like, we’d say chokin = )) And funny story, when we saw how gloomy the sky was yesterday.. she told me-“It’s not gonna rain.” then the wind suddenly gushed at her face. PRICELESS!


Ja mina~!


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