Awesome Winter Vacation Ahead!

Before I start with the real post, here’s our “graduation photo” that we took with my camera last week. Who’s holding the remote? Haha~

After JLPT and 9AM classes every weekday… we all deserve a happy winter vacation for all of us! Otsukaresamadeshita, mina-san~!

My winter vacation started off with an onsen / hotspring treat! I was with my brother and his girlfriend. I love hotsprings!

And at night or just during my idle time, I watch Detective Conan. It has over 600+ episodes so I just watch random cases.

Trivia: I love Detective-themed animes! Like Detective School Q, even Death Note.. I’m not really an otaku but I like “guessing” while watching shows : )


2 days ago, I’ve finally revisited Nippori (Tokyo’s Fabric Town) after so long!

Book vending machine at the right~ wow  :blank:


I accompanied my brother for a brand partnership and I had to shoot some stuff. Didn’t want to dress up that much so I just grabbed my favorite caramel shorts, etc.

We were invited to this Japanese artist’s house and were treated with some delicious Japanese cakes <3

Afternoon tea~

Leaves were falling DRAMATICALLY and it was so.. magical? Hahaha. First time to experience a “fall shower” or something close to that.


While we were strolling around Shinjuku, we stopped by here. OMG SANRIO AND HELLO KITTY AND KIKI AND LALA AND WAAAAAHH

On my birthday next year, we’re going to Sanrio Puroland! I’m so excited!!

Can I take these home? ;______;



And then the biggest Muji store I’ve ever been was just around the corner.. and it had a Muji Cafe inside! Awesomeness



Wine glasses for a chandelier + paintings of a Japanese Artist <3

After our short Shinjuku trip, we went back to Urawa and had our Purikura taken in Parco. Purikura craziness~

My brother’s girlfriend, Ate Claire. So pretty, right?

And only God knows the meaning of my brother’s hand pose in this photo.




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