Behind-the-scenes of Japan Lover Me Store’s Sukajan Archives + Kaila Sensei Preview

Hello friends!

For today’s post, I will share some behind-the-scenes during the making of Japan Lover Me Store’s Japanese Fashion Sukajan Archives mini project and a preview of

The online Sukajan showcase is just a simple gallery of our entire Sukajan collection at JLM. We started working on this way back end of July and it took a lot of time and effort to make a store inventory and to photograph each Sukajan. Thankfully, Justin (who is now based in Japan as a student and a Food / Travel photographer) helped me a lot with this! ;_;  いつもありがとうね!

JLM Store has undergone a lot of revisions and redirection. But there is only one goal for this one… and it is to make it a successful store so that we can make and come up with more projects. This is the primary reason why I deactivated my personal facebook again and minimized other projects. If you notice / observe me that I have gone slower when it comes to replying, work is mainly the reason. I also disabled my line message / iPhone app messaging notifications because the temptation to slack off… is way too tempting haha (#StrugglesWhenYouWorkAtHome). I’ll be back to the usual “Kaila mode” but for now, my serious self is taking over! 😀

JLM sukajan archives banner

~ Japanese Sukajan Selections from JLM Store ~


I’m ready for you Autumn! I can’t wait to wear Sukajan when I do OOTD posts, haha!


We usually get comments about how our Sukajans are so expensive or something to that effect. Well, I do agree that these jackets are not that affordable… but a vintage sukajan jacket is ALWAYS worth saving up. If only you can see the stitches and the art itself (this is why we invested so much effort in professional photography so that you can see the details), you would realize that this is “wearable art”! And of course, “Made in Japan” always means QUALITY. 🙂

In the future, we hope to make and produce kawaii-fied sukajans (to be drawn by Little Miss Paintbrush) but for now, here are our current offerings.


Break time with kawaii kuma pan!




Rearranged the Japonista Sole inventory and recounted everything. We rented lockers for all our stocks since our office is too packed already ;_;


Where I tallied the stock count… lolol.

Q: Kaila, how to be productive?

Me: Do it the kawaii way! :))


I will be posting soon these rare Japanese tin toys that will definitely bring back all the nostalgic feels ~ Please wait for our JLM store updates!


After collecting these tin toys & other toys for years for our business, we are now sharing these with fellow toy collectors!

Please watch out 皆さま!

Teach Yourself with

While currently working on the “How to study in Japan” comprehensive guide (to be posted here on Rainbowholic), I have been concentrating on Kaila Sensei during my break time too. Here’s a preview of what to expect! 🙂

welcome-to-kaila-sensei copy

Kaila Sensei Categories copy

I’m still finishing the first batch of tutorials for the curious people like me who love learning online / teaching themselves to do things.. so please wait for this! If you have topic suggestions, feel free to tweet me or just leave a comment here. I’ll do my best to share what I can help you with.

I don’t have the exact formula for “success” but with Kaila Sensei, I am aiming to make anyone feel the same hunger I used to have in learning when all I had was a borrowed laptop from my father and limited internet connection. I was not exactly the most brilliant person in the class during my student days before but all the time I spent on teaching myself to code, do graphic design, handle projects, collaborate with creatives, start campaigns / workshops.. those were altogether tough yet exciting times! You can also be a passionate dream-achiever that I am now & I will be there to motivate and push you to love learning and pursue what you truly desire when the world wants to silence what your heart wants. : )

Not sure if by sharing my favorite productivity-related apps or how I edit my photos batch-by-batch would do that but I’m going to give it a try.

I started my website-making / blogging career by teaching others how to do photoshop / css / code with notepad too… and now, I’ll bring those back. And of course, 2015 version = 100 times better than my 15 yr. old sensei self in the past. 😀

See you in my next post! 🙂

Much love, 


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  1. Got to save for the sukajan :)) Huhu. Okane~~ the details are so awesome. I’m so excited for Kaila Sensei! Thank you so much for making that site. The best ka talaga, Kaila senpai!


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