Two weeks ago, I had my upper left wisdom tooth removed because it was hurting so much. The operation was quick and the recovery was fast…

However, just this Monday, I had another operation again. It was the most painful 20+ minutes in my life! I had my lower left wisdom tooth extracted. Because of the pain it has brought to my life, I only got to go to school once this week. Which was really frustrating! : ( I am way behind the lessons!

Good thing I managed to be productive still. I helped my brother with some errands. : )

The photo below has no relation or whatsoever with my introductory paragraph, haha.

I like how my blog fits right in iPhone.


Because of me and my overstaying at our place, I needed a breather. I asked my brother to drop me off at this beautiful park he was telling me. Not a lot of people were there, so I was really lucky.

Had the chance to contemplate about my life, dreams, and relationships…

Actually no, I just walked around and took photos with instagram. :-bd


Because I am disorganized blogger (and being great at it), I will jump into another topic. Obviously, I’m not good with sentence/paragraph transitions. Hehe.


Here was life before the “beautiful park” this week. Bought design-related books I will be needing in the future. Thank you again instagram, for your presets. I am an addict user of your app.

Another Japan dream: to be able to wear my first (bought) dress here and prance around with it.

My first actual lolita dress was sewn by yours truly. ^^

If you were a reader before, you’ve probably read my post about it.


Lazy day. Just wore whatever for my supposedly jogging session in the park (which was a fail because my jaw hurt a lot whenever I’d attempt to jog).

Walked around and found this walkpath. Everything’s beautiful and peaceful here.

And no trash laying around.

This was yesterday when we did some grocery shopping. Look at that big swirl of donut!

Hehe, so cheesy. Wishing he was here with me : )

Thanks Kuya for the photos.

Basically my face when I take pictures.

LOL this is so… candid. /sarcasm

Favorite shot.

Hello jawlines, please appear fast. HAHA

I love old benches. Especially sky blue painted ones.

Had another yakinuku meal. My brother likes meat a lot.

Carebears <3


Walked my way home so that the food I’ve eaten would digest properly.

Here’s my map in Japan : )



Hope that was an interesting entry for you! Going to the hotspring now~ : )


13 thoughts on “Breather

  1. Hello ^^
    I’m totally in love with your blog sweetie, really! :loveheart:
    I liked all your photos, and the style of yours posts (:
    Do you live in Japan?


  2. Hello there! I love your photo posts a lot. I talked to my bf about your posts and how interesting they are since we both would love to travel to Japan also. I am someone who also loves rainbows so you can imagine how it feels to see your blog! I will enter you contest even though I am kinda late at it. I really hope to win!!

  3. Wow, your blog is so cool~~~~~ :blush3: So :kawaii: :kawaii:
    I wish I was in your shoes
    You have great experiences huh?

  4. :heart: it was so beautiful !! I love the pictures !! you’re so beautiful !! I like it really !! :3 so kawaii !!! :DD

  5. Your photos are amazing!! *~~~*
    Absolutely love the places and shots!!!

    Your blog is now on my faves list! ♥

  6. Hi Kaila.

    Just realise that your hair just like Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura. Kawaii!

    Keep up the good work (^-^)


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