Bunka School Festival x Shibuya Friday Night with Tokyo Fashion

This week was so eventful that I think all I learned from my teachers have disappeared @___@ A sudden 1-week vacation from Nihongo is bad for my brain!!

It was the much-anticipated Bunka Sai and it was my first time to witness a Japanese-style school fair! Too different from what we have in the Philippines!

Just a random mix of all sorts of fabric awesomeness (spot the clouds!!)


Went with Leen and Tina-san to a store practicum by students themselves..

Wools of cuteness

Works by students

Super cute dress with stuffed toys!!

Imagine the hard work one must exert here…




Everything was done by the students!

I donated some of my clothes here… hahaha  :lulz:

Ticket to the most amazing fashion show I’ve ever been! It was so rehearsed and everything!

Couldn’t take pictures so..


My minimalistic poster near the entrance..

(just took more photos during the second day)


The poster on the right looks familiar.. hmm. A bit of copyright infringement, in my opinion.


Wore my rainbow Jeremy Scott wings

Where I got my Rune coats!

And I tried something out…

Students teaching enthusiasts..

Very kind Japanese students : )

Me blow-drying my sample..


One thought on “Bunka School Festival x Shibuya Friday Night with Tokyo Fashion

  1. Aww I just love your cute school girl-ish outfit on the first day and the cute outfit with the rune coat (right?)~ :heart: Ahhhh!! Post them in lookbook. :cheer:

    Your school festival is so awesome wow~ So many creative minds all in one school…. :blush3:


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