Busy Busy Kaila + Manila For SIX Months?!

Hello Hello Hello Rainbowholic Readers! Are you still there?! *waves*

Sorry for the sudden blog hiatus, been super busy with all my obligations here.

It gets tiring once in a while but I know hard work will definitely pay off in the end.  :tongue:

I don’t know / I don’t remember if I already wrote it here.. but I’ll be here in Manila.. FOR SIX MONTHS.

Initially, my brother (a.k.a. my boss) allowed me to have 3 months to unwind + practice driving + go full force with ChiChi (for JapanLover.Me) here.. but a Kaila Ocampo simply can’t do that.

Right now, I have three 3 kawaii-related events I’m co-producing with friends who share the same  level of passion. ;_; So many deadlines being set everyday but the feeling of fulfilment / sense of joy that I get  from doing these… ;_; it’s just irreplaceable.

www.the.workaholic.me =)))


All I know right now is I’m on my way to my dream job. Truthfully, it’s been a crazy ride for me, lots of “downtime” moments too but I guess every success & failure is really part of it.

The risks I’m taking right now are super scary but I’ve got to make it work, somehow ^^ Not-so-good experience is still experience . And we grow from that 🙂

Let’s make wonders in Manila, Kaila!

Food, Friends & Everyday Life

Because I have no idea how to arrange this blog entry..

Here are just some snaps of my random days here + captions under~  :star:

/lazy blogger

Taho mornings <3

Super cute minion polvoron cupcakes!


Kawaii Photoshoot memories~

Crepe love with Anne & ChiChi!

From my last Manila trip. Copying Peko-chan! <3

Halo-halo time~ I super missed this!

What I love the most about being in my home country:  COMPANY OF FRIENDSSSSSS

I need this shirt in my life :))

Superheroes-themed shopping haul!

Kawaii in Manila’s website (iPad version)

Had my hair colored! Not so obvious in the photos though..

The books that I dig :)))

I love the sakura scent~

Unpacking my bows + sunnies!


My Kawaii in Manila idea notebook~

Super pretty rose pastillas (edible bouquet anyone??) <3

My huge boxes from Japan arrived!

Notes to myself :3

Favorite pink shoes!

JapanLover.me Keybies!!


With Anne, KPP PH’s Founder! We were compiling photos for a presentation ^^

I love my Blythe bag birthday gift from my sis-in-law, Claire nee-chan <3

Cronuts, Filipino food & Nendoroid time with Justin! 🙂

With Anne~

Kitty-chan cupcake pillows, so kawaii!!


My new place, about 50% done here! Will give a room tour after I get everything done ^^

Wall stickers from Gracie! <3

Work work work!  :star:


Alright, I guess that would be all for now~ Hopefully I can blog in my regular pace again soon! Huhu ;___;


9 thoughts on “Busy Busy Kaila + Manila For SIX Months?!

  1. Hello Kaila!

    As always i love your courage and your “risky projects” , it is awesome that you have suppor from the “kawaii manila team” and i hope all of you grown up a sucess of more kawaii leaders

    This comment it is quite strange, but i sent you lots of good vibrations and keep working like that

    Have a kawaii day!


  2. Yay for Kawaii in Manila! It must be nice to see your friends again :blush3: I wish I could go to the convention…. but no, I’m miiiiiiiiiiles away. :bow:
    Excited for the room tour…. cool people always have cool rooms, I find. :nod:
    Anna :heart:

  3. Waaahhh it’s been a while since I last commented on your blog ;___; ((GUESS WHO’S BACK hehhehehe))

    WELCOME BACK, ATE!! Though I’ve already told you that before =)) Sorry nawala na ako bigla after kitang i-surprise last Thursday huhuhu BONDING SA LUGAWAN PLEASE MAY LUMPIANG SARIWA RIN KAMI!!!!!!!! 😀

  4. :yehey: I’m always happy to receive updates from you in any form! (: Just came back from Manila too >.<


    With love,

  5. Your blog posts always make me feel so happy ^___^. You give me the strength to also live my dreams and create my dream job! And I’m really loving your book with the notes for yourself 😀

  6. :yehey: Kaila!! Tons of luck with your new project!
    I’m sure you will succeed in bringing Kawaii to Manila, and then the world! I have faith in you 😎

  7. ahh you’re such an inspiration, go follow your dreams, gambatte! I love your quotes too and I might have to pick myself a copy of that, power of nice, sounds right up my alley! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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