Carebears and Bikes

I am writing this blog entry and I have school later and it’s almost 2AM and I just want to use “and” and..

Before anything else, let me plug “The Rainbowholic Contest“. Feel free to join!

Prizes are…

I can finish all of these in a wink. #notreally

Who isn’t a fan of G-Dragon and TOP’s jawlines? WHO??

Read the mechanics here:


Where was I?

Some girl went biking after school. Who forgot her bike in the hotspring’s parking? ME!! It was raining so hard last Sunday that my brother had to fetch me from the hotspring by car..

Random Kaila fact: I LOVE BIKING!

My childhood was all about my scraped knees and elbows! But I have no regrets of still having those little scars.. because I love how each of them has a story on its own. I may have fallen off the bike so many times that I have lost count but my childhood is incomparable to other girls’ childhood stories.

I am proud to say that I have climbed trees, picked these small fruits called “alateris” from random neighbors’ trees, biked all my days when I was young while having no care in the world.

I love my brother’s bike! I want to “pimp” it so much ahhhh


And here was life in Instagram photos. I hate words! I am more of a visual person so.. no more captions, haha.

(wasn’t really into copywriting or anything copy-related back in college)

Simple everyday make-up

My Care Bears haul last time when we visited Uniqlo.. my eyes are bleeding

Skirts were on sale too. 50+++% offff


Sorry to end this post abruptly but,.. this is the end.


One thought on “Carebears and Bikes

  1. Idk how to ride a bike. ;______; I only rode the scooter when I was young. 😥 But I wanna learn how to to ride the bike~!! And your brother’s bike is nice~ And if I were you I’d secretly “pimp” it~ XD loljk.

    And aww, cute clothes! *w* I have a lot of Care Bear Stuffed toys here~ @w@ Even the baby versions lolol~ And cute rings! :3 And your penmanship in Nihonggo is cute too teehee~ ^____^


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