Catching Up with Leen in Harajuku

A few days ago, I met up with my bestfriend here in Japan, Leen!

We were each other’s Valentine last February. We had totoro cream puffs and we went to Inokashira Park. Finally, after months and months.. we made time for catching up! We planned this a month before, haha!


Icecream bag for a sundae lover like me ~


Leen’s shoes were the bomb that day. Yohji Yamamoto, folks!


Passed by this random rainbow building we discovered in Harajuku.

kaila-leen.jpg kaila-leen.jpg

Purikura just like the old times!


I’m so proud of this girl and her #achievementunlocked goals in her dream school, Bunka. She was chosen to work on a project with Louis Vuitton / LV here in Japan after an intensive screening, went to USA for a school project (led her classmates), and so much more. Whenever we’d catch up and she’d tell me stories (while I listen attentively~), I’d feel like she’s speaking to me as if she’s writing something personal for her own blog.

It’s rare to meet people with the same values and crazy goals in life and I am so glad I got to meet this inspiring gal from Indonesia. I thought I would never have a bestfriend here once I moved.. and then The Guy Up There gave me her.

I’m really sentimental when it comes to tight friendships such as this.. as you can tell, haha.


I have so many fun memories with Leen and I know I will make more memories with her at present and in the future! ^^

We went to Harajuku after class… after 2 days of our official first day in school. We had a school trip together (ski resort). Went to Tokyo Disneyland and dressed up as schoolgirls. Went to Sanrio Puroland in matching Hello Kitty outfits. Wore lolita fashion together in Namja Town. Had a photoshoot together with our friend, Dawa.

And then came our school graduation, and off she went to study in Bunka (the most prestigious fashion university here in Japan). We were both featured on NHK World Kawaii International. It was so funny and memorable. And then of course, we didn’t meet for a long time because of time constraint. We had our own downtimes individually and had our hearts broken. We comforted each other.  We grew together apart instead of growing apart from each other. So many fond memories. Through all the laughs, tears, stories, and so much more.. we have grown so much. I witnessed her blossom into an strong independent woman, while she witnessed how I chased for my dreams (thankful for her multiple cheers and happy LINE stickers~).

I would tell her my plans about kawaii culture. About Kawaii in Manila 1 before, and then my other “then crazy dreams” that were turned into realities. She listened and supported me. We were each other’s “solid rock” here.


Years later, we found ourselves sitting in a cafe and talking nonstop about our life, plans for the future, embarrassing stories in the past (that we just laughed about). Far from our “more adventurous” dates years ago. I brought her to Urth Caffe in Omotesando because she had been wanting to try it. We had greentea bubble tea, quesadillas, and blueberry cake.

Sometimes, our entire conversation would give me goosebumps. The good kind of goosebumps. 🙂

To summarize what I was feeling that day in a sentence… It would be: “Thank you God for this gift of friendship.

Who I am right now.. Leen has always been part of it. ありがとう!



3 thoughts on “Catching Up with Leen in Harajuku

  1. OMG It’s Ate Leen!! (kilala niya ko eh hehe) It’s so nice to see a blog post with both of you in it~ I still remember your old blog posts with her hihi <3 It's amazing how much she has achieved already omg that's so cool *___* Your friendship is so cute and so precious (from a reader's POV) and I pray that both of you will receive more blessings in the future~ Ganbatte to the both of you hihihihi

  2. You two are so pretty! Leen’s shoes is amazing. And agree with Miss Celina, the friendship is heart! This post is kinda… (waaa, I miss my friends) :))

  3. Wowww this is a very very beautiful ,lovely post… Different from the others! I thank God too for your best friendship 😀 so happy for you! n.n


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