Commercial Break :))

Hello, hello!  :heart:

Let me present my piece of art below~ :)))

Let’s have a commercial break first of happy-happy posts and something (slightly)serious for now. I’ll try to be serious with my metaphors lol!

I would just like to share a lesson I have learned the hard way through sad (and very sad, haha) experiences.

You can consider this as a piece of advice from me, if you’re currently undergoing the same thing. If you’re a long-time reader, you would realize/know that I’m an advocate of positive / right attitude (if there’s such advocacy haha). For some reason, there are some who would really email / message me for some advice in life (how to stay motivated, how to deal with haters *_*, etc.) and I try to message back with my own thoughts. Now, I think I’ll just forward this article about “how to deal with unnecessary hate.. rainbowholic-style” :)))

Even with such overwhelming support I get from my family, friends and readers (le Rainbowholic tomodachis hihi).. I guess that it’s just natural to attract some negativity elsewhere.

Sometimes (especially during my stressful days), as a human being..  I just cannot help but get affected for a minute or so. It’s funny because it used to take longerrr  before but because I simply have NO TIME (and I don’t really allocate my precious hours for those)… it has become shorter.. Yay, achievement! :”)

When somebody tells a not-so-good statement about me..

The question that I’d always ask myself would be.. “Is this person’s statement / opinion about me….. really VALID?

And my answer is usually NO.

(example scenario: Other person: “You’re ugly!” | Me: *thinks* .. “..but I’m feeling fabulous!!!” :)) )

And I move on with my life.

And I grab my notebook and pen.. doodle and visualize my dreams, and list down bullets on how to accomplish those.

Weirdly, for every “strike” I get.. I get more pumped up. The more hate and negativity they throw at me (just like rocks), I feel like I become more unbreakable.. unstoppable.

And this is how you RECYCLE the negative energy into something positive. :))))

You would realize that they’re saying those mean and nasty things about you because you’re already ahead of them and they find it unacceptable.. so they lash out on you. And you’d just wish & pray that they would hopefully realize that hating on someone won’t produce anything. Seriously, how does telling someone she’s ugly / has no talent bla bla bla make you any prettier or more talented? Even logic cannot explain that! *_*

Also, another realization (lol guys this is a reflection paper :)) please grade this later haha, onegai.. :)) )

Sometimes, if you have been too nice helping other people, there are really people who try to take advantage of one’s kindness and pure intentions and can’t (or WON’T) even appreciate those things you have done to them & instead, use them all against you one day (all of a sudden!) @_@


On your way to unlock your dreams, these kinds of “roadblocks” are not unusual at all. And you don’t have to doubt yourself for a second just because somebody has a problem about you. Remember that what others think of you is their problem, and not yours. Keep in mind that how people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves… so you don’t have to worry on pleasing everybody. Focus on building yourself before trying to impress everyone! The latter one.. I’m sure, it’s not really possible, hehe. There is / will always be someone wishing you bad luck in life, and you shouldn’t give a damn about it (while you wish them best of luck haha).

I may even get more hatin’ haters after this post but I couldn’t care less now.


If you encounter a roadblock while you’re driving your way to your dream destination,

First thing you should DO is— STEP out of your car..

… and move that confusing roadblock sign out of the way.

You still have miles to go and you can’t afford to waste gas to detour just because of these fake / deceptive obstructions.


Stay true to yourself and forget ’em (while they still remember you years later lol),



5 thoughts on “Commercial Break :))

  1. I love the last sentences, about wasting gas on unnecessary detours, so great! Negativity is the worst, I find myself wasting a whole day by one comment said by someone else. I’m going to try and take your words on board and just move it out of the way and keep on going!

  2. They say those things because they are jealous of you it’s really sad that there are people in this world who dedicate their time/life to wanting to hurt other people. You are beautiful, amazing, and kindhearted and you are the coolest person ever for spreading the love of Kawaii to the world like you do. Thank you for always spreading happiness to those who are in need of it and just for being you.

  3. Your mindset is what I practice everyday (even though I have a bad temper lol.)

    It still boggles me to this day why some people waste their energy talking badly about everyone but themselves. Like you could use that time to read a book, do math, learn something new, or just improve yourself in general.

    They need to grow up in my opinion and it’s really sad that some of these people are my age and still acting like children.

    Also, you are a bad bitch that doesn’t have time for these peasants to bring you down! lol 😎 :heart:

  4. This post comes at such a perfect time for me. I’m terrified of ANYONE saying ANYTHING bad about me and I obsess about it for DAYS when it happens. But if you want to be known, and go far, even if you’re the friendliest, kindest person, it’s inevitable that some people are going to take issue with you (for seemingly no reason), because, well, some people are just jerks.
    But you’re so right. About everything here.
    And gosh I love your attitude 😀


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