Current Japan Life in Photos + Slowly But Surely ðŸŒą

Hi everybody!

Just sharing some photos taken these past few weeks / days. I’m still recovering from the crazy workload I had during the start of May. It’s great to finally sit down and update my blog and spam you guys with photos, hehe ~

So hard to eat this melon pan from our local bakery! :))

What I feel whenever I go home ~

Messy desk while doing Rainbowholic work.

Back to square one. First day of moving in!

Current desk situation. Just filmed a desk tour video so please do wait for it! 🙂

I have an exciting announcement to make one of these days about my apartment! Please do look forward to it 🙂

Got this cushion from my favorite lifestyle store here in Japan, Salut!

Inspiration board ~

Washi tape recount video soon! 🙂

Go, me! If you haven’t watched this video, click here ~

VIDEO: Hobonichi Techo With Me | Fixing My New Apartment ( ãŧぞæ—Ĩ手åļģ ) | Rainbowholic

The introvert’s heart haha

Just had to share because too cute haha

BTS x Line Friends spotted while on a kawaii date with a friend ~

My favorite view: food hahaha

Patreon May 2018 Rewards Preview

Cafe date with Knatt last month!

When you need your own pep talk sometimes.. haha

How I save money in Japan~

The entire lunch only cost me around 200 jpy?? 😉

And to end this post, here’s some food again, haha!

I’m thinking of taking a hiatus / mini break from social media (maybe will just keep only blog / youtube for now) once I’ve announced the project. I just want to focus on my Japanese studies and content creation (without the promotion part). I’m also working on something big (hopefully will push through) and it requires a lot of focus and effort. I love content creation with all my heart but after thinking about it for sometime, I feel that having an instagram / twitter detox would be beneficial as I won’t feel obligated to announce that I’ve updated here & there. Moreover, I no longer use Facebook that much and I only use it to communicate with my friends. Which makes me think…. I wonder if people still use facebook..? I’m just thinking out loud, haha!

Anyway, hope you guys still come back here (or visit my youtube from time to time even though youtube doesn’t notify regular subscribers anymore lol) when that time comes when I take a break! 🙂

Thanks for reading up to the end!



5 thoughts on “Current Japan Life in Photos + Slowly But Surely ðŸŒą

  1. I took a break from social media for a bit last year to concentrate on creating and it felt so good! Cleared up space in my mind for other things 🙂

  2. Lovely post. Gorgeous photos and I enjoy very much your youtube videos. Thank you for sharing your work. Michelle 🙂

  3. Hi Kaila, hope you still remember me from our meet and greet! I can’t help but feel sad that you’ll be taking a break from social media, guess I’ll keep a tab of your website in my phone so I can read your blogs! Nevertheless, I’m excited to see what you will be working on, it must be something big! I will look forward on it. Goodluck 🙂 Hwaitinggg~

  4. Hi Kaila, I love your blog, I don’t stop by as often as I did before, but when I can stop by, your blog feels like a sweet break, which I really enjoy 😀 thank you for keeping on blogging and I love your videos on youtube * w *
    Thanks for sharing so many good vibes with us 😀
    Good luck for all your projects ;D


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