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Hi everybody!

Thought I should try updating my blog using my phone.

If you’ve been following me or any of my social media accounts, you’d know that I’m currently on a trip to discover and explore new places here in Japan with Aki. So far, we’ve visited Nagasaki, Fukuoka, and Hiroshima.

I used to be the kind of traveler who would bring her house with her whenever she goes on a trip but after being with Aki, he has inspired me to bring only what I need for survival lol. Of course, I had a journaling pouch with me. ??

So many people sent me DM about how I pack my stuff for this trip! I’ll upload a pack with me / what’s in my travel backpack video, don’t worry lolol~

From Haneda airport, we flew to our first stop Nagasaki for about 2 hours! Upon arriving, we checked in at our cheap airbnb & left our backpacks to enjoy the Nagasaki Lantern Festival more comfortably. A rainy city welcomed us but it didn’t stop us from exploring the charming Nagasaki.

Nagasaki is famous for the castella so we just had to try one!

After staying for one night at Urakami, Nagasaki, we got our backpacks & headed out to learn more about the history of this place. Aki and I both enjoy world history.. so no problem there haha.

On our last day in this city (but still in Nagasaki-ken), we visited the Atomic Bomb Museum and got to know a lot of history about the war & how atomic bomb plan was formed and how horrifying war was. It was an enlightening experience for both Aki and me.

After that, we rode the famous seaside liner going to Sasebo, where the famous Huis Ten Bosch is located at (Nagasaki’s Disneyland). The view inside the moving train reminded of the time I explored Hokkaido on my own years ago. I really enjoyed the train ride that I wished I could immortalize it.

After an entire day of eating Sasebo burgers and marveling at these beautiful tulips, we headed to our 2nd airbnb to take a rest for tomorrow’s trip.

After a 2 hr. bus ride from Sasebo Bus Terminal to Fukuoka, we’ve finally reached Hakata. We only got 1 day to explore the (rainy) city.

First things first, we had the famous Hakata ramen for lunch!

We went to Ohori Park and these beautiful plum blossoms surprised us so much! We wanted to visit the “Fukuoka Castle” only to find out that it wasn’t really there (like how you would imagine it to be like Osaka Castle) until we saw a poster of a “speculated image of Fukuoka Castle”. We laughed so hard after finding about that, lolol.

And after all of the crazy walking, we decided to visit Hakata Canal City for the free lights show (we love free stuff lol), and had Motsu Nabe for dinner.

And that is all for a summary about our first 3 days in this backpacking adventure!

Please wait for the Japan Travel series on my youtube! 🙂 Will post detailed blog entries about each prefecture / city visited here too because many are interested in our itinerary, hehe!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Love, カイラ ?

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