“Don’t do things half-heartedly.”

Apparently, my sole reason why I disappeared from the online world (when my blog updates came into halt) was because of my “work” in La Salle. Majors, living on your own, errands from my brother, and AdCreate Society? My only escape at that time would be reblogging at my tumblr. It was very disheartening for me to see “Rainbowholic” and my visions for it (create a big tutorial site + personal blog) fading away… But again, you have to sacrifice some things in life. Don’t get me wrong though, I have no regrets at all. : )

I don’t know if I have shared about this before in my blog, or even mentioned about it…. but I was rather an active officer in my course (Advertising Management)’s official organization, The AdCreate Society. I owe all what I am today to my org (rather, it should be called a “family”). I would have never experienced multi-tasking in the most extreme (redundancy is an emphasis) level if it were not for AdCreate. Let’s just say, it was like a military camp for me. The difference was, I was one of those generals who had to lead a team. A very inexperienced general during my first “mission”.

AdCreate before was entirely different from where it is grounded now. During my first term in the executive board as the Vice President (VP) for Creative, we have improved a few steps but it was not our best. Our Goal was to belong to the top 10 organizations in De La Salle University.  My “leadership” at that time was not my best output. I could still remember that EB meeting we had when our (then) president, Red Cajucom reminded us that the org had much more potential than what we were doing. I felt so much guilt because I was the leader of the org’s entire creative team, and indeed, I was not doing the best of what I could do to serve. The first term was such an experimental term because I got the position not because I ran for it, but because they don’t have any other choice to nominate me instead. Funny how I was the only one who didn’t write my own name during the voting. Sorry if it sounds like I’m bragging, but it was like that during that time. I had no self-confidence and I wanted to quit from my officership because I was not trained by my seniors at all. Thank you to my friends who pushed me to go for it at that time!

Fast forward on our second term, I remember consulting some ideas to Sir Anlex regarding the membership card. I could still remember that night after our ADPRINT class, when he confronted me about AdCreate’s creative work. During the start of the term, I was not good at monitoring the materials being shelled out by the organization and I was already “satisfied” with my officers’ output. I realized that as a leader, you also have to challenge and “train” your officers. He told me that as the only creative organization in La Salle, all our outputs must be creative / deviate from the norm like other orgs would have (publicity materials = design + details.. when it should be “creative materials” = design + concept/idea + details). I was so challenged with that… and for the rest of the year, I’ve had several sleepless nights and countless meetings (even during Saturdays).

Screen shot 2011-08-07 at 8.34.05 PM.png (464×686)

These dogtags were such a hit in the campus. Many thought these were being sold. Indeed, a creative way of flaunting your membership instead of a card!

When we formed the AdCreate Society for school year 2010-2011, we were only around 40 officers. For an org that has a lot of activities every Friday (like 2 or 3), the creative team was indeed lacking in manpower with only 8. Though I had skilled officers, we could not do everything even if we wanted to. We would fail our majors if we put all of our time to this org. Most of the time if nobody could do it within my team, as the VP, I would have no choice but work my way around it. I would always remind myself, if I want to proudly say that I’m the VP for Creative for this org, it must show with my work. Sometimes I would not go home (though I terribly missed homecooked meals) for weeks in preparation for our activities. I thought that if other members would see me doing the best of I could, I could probably motivate them somehow to do things.. not half-heartedly. : )

The start of “Creative Monsters”. Me in my most hilarioussss costume (thanks Patrik for designing it).

(Jeco, Pat, Charie)

(Gia, Mishie, Me, Mishie and Carlo)

Every second term, we would have neophytes who will be trained for the next school year’s batch of officers. Finally, I could give more tasks and we could brainstorm with more members! We had the craziest ideas but the real deal was, we were able to make those become a reality. Moreover, this was probably the “peak” of my AdCreate career. Though they were my trainees, I’ve grown to love them so much (neos from other committees as well) and they kept me energized and inspired. The greatest feeling in the world is finding out that your hard work of blood and tears (there were tears, really) is being recognized! AdCreate Society ranked Top 4 organization in La Salle! Consider the many steps we skipped from rank 17.


I guess even though I was not the best student in my majors, I sucked at presentations (wasn’t really fluent with words but I’d always get away with my designs, haha), I have missed several delicious homecooked meals at home… all was worth it. Imagine how happy I was when I showed “the list” written on The Lasallian (our school’s official publication) to my parents. It was not my achievement, but everyone’s. “My, Dy, org ko o.” (“Mom, Dad, this is my org.”)

Screen shot 2011-08-07 at 8.36.50 PM.png (701×317)

Tears, tears, tears

The last time I used my email signature in my Yahoo! Mail (A tip, don’t use wacky-named emails such as this when it comes to work. Haha!)

Ah, life.

Simple interface for our website. I started the website in AdCreate. Now Vic (whom I call my web apprentice) is maintaining it. 

The second time that I bragged to my parents about my org was when my neophytes (officers-in-training) but now officers surprised me with a big basket of gifts. I made my parents come over to see what these people have given to me! Hehe! I will never forget December 17, one of the most fulfilling days in my life. I came from the restroom and when I got back to Medrano (the place where we’d usually hang out), I saw a big basket full of gifts and Thank You letters from my “monsters” (I call them monsters and they call me momster). Who was the person behind it? It was Carlo (don’t get me wrong though, still during that time, I regarded him as a brother). Carlo is currently the VP (unbiased decision, just clarifying =)) ), and the boy who has stolen my heart. #chengeneyangcheesy

basket.JPG (400×900)

Fresh from tears (hence the swollen eyes)

Our wallpaper! THEY DREW ME @_@

The transformation of our bulletin board. Not proud of the envelope with lopsided name label of “Creative Monsters”. And that’s a cloud btw.

It gives me great happiness whenever I would see interesting gimmicks by those who run the organization now. I am forever biased with my team (Creative Monsters) and I’m sure they still have a long way to go even though it’s already been half of their AdCreate career. They make (and will continually make) me proud.

To those who will be having a “work” (yes, treat is as work) in their own respective orgs and universities, accomplish things with “best” as your minimum requirement. It pays off.


A message to everyone who wants to be part of this family:

Screen shot 2011-08-07 at 8.34.51 PM.png (482×322)

Screen shot 2011-08-07 at 8.37.34 PM.png (667×461)

It was one hell of a kind rollercoaster ride with you guys,


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