Dream Realizations + Kawaii Halloween Party Preparations


Being back in Manila for a short time has made me realize a lot of things. Actually, these thoughts aren’t exactly “realizations” but more of a confirmation about some ideas I have been thinking about during my idle time when I work or whenever I’d catch up with my friends who are also crazy dreamers.

Before moving to Japan, Manila was my comfort zone. As years pass by, Japan became a much more comfortable zone for me. In this place, I was able to achieve a lot of dreams because Japan served as a safe place for me to pursue what I want. Traffic, security, and other third world problems I used to have are not the problems that I’d encounter. Of course, living in Japan has its cons too. I figured that whether you’re in a highly-developed country or not.. you cannot escape any problem. It’s everywhere, hehe. Every country has its unique societal issue and it’s not right to compare two different worlds with different cultures and values. I think I learned how to be a chameleon over the years, haha.

Whenever I’d go back to Manila and I’m on my way home from the airport, I would be welcomed by these poor Filipino streetchildren knocking on the car’s windows while I’m completely engrossed on my iPhone. I cannot deny that there is a nagging feeling that I just can’t fully describe. Manila is still the same country that I left years ago.. (but with heavier traffic conditions… :/). Being able to live in Japan for years / travel in different countries really opened my eyes. How I wish Philippines would improve in some way or the other.

I feel that my Japan life is just a “preparation phase” for me that I must complete in a few years time. I feel like someday, I must go back here in the Philippines and try to change the game as an entrepreneur or a budding businesswoman. As of now, I can’t just go back anytime here because I still have a lot of work obligations left (Japan Lover Me Store and moreee) and if I want to save up money, Japan is the most “logical” option for me. Right now, I’ll just keep these confirmed realizations dear in my heart.

I used to aim to become a millionaire / successful CEO because ever since I was young, because I have always believed that if you are in constant financial trouble.. life will be hard for everyone. It was like that when I was young. Having financial inadequacies brought a lot of problems to my family that is why I have chosen to work in a place mainly for the reason that I know that my contributions will possibly help alleviate the situation. But you know what..? After all these kawaii empowerment / Kawaii PH work with my friends, I began to realize that I should pursue making businesses that will not only benefit me or just my loved ones. I want to hit two birds with one stone with my entrepreneurial dreams (which are in line with my KPH Store teammates). I want these business-related dreams to provide employment and empowerment at the same time (Kawaii PH Store vision). It’s still a far-fetched dream for me because I am still working my best to reach the “right time”.. but I’m just happy and contented that my #lifegoal is an empowered one. I can’t describe my plans here on my blog right now but I hope that when this right time comes, I can share everything. : )

Anyway~ enough of my musings for now, hehe!

KawaiixKowai Halloween Party Preparations

Who would have thought that I would make it to the Halloween party? Since I’m already here, why not join the fun? : )

Days ago, I met up with my KPH Store teammates and we prepared the kawaii decors, loot bags, games, and other important things for the upcoming Halloween party.


Please don’t forget to bring enough shopping money, haha! Will sell some Cardcaptor Sakura stuff too. We still have Fruits magazines left! 🙂


Dolly Kaye x Rainbowholic dresses are now out!




Thank you ChiChi, Kaye, and Francis for the fantastic time together during work. <3


Jollibee break time!


Banana split goodness!


See you there, Kawaii PH friends!

<3, カイラ

5 thoughts on “Dream Realizations + Kawaii Halloween Party Preparations

  1. I wish this Kawaii movement spreads in India too and it will be an honor and a great opportunity to be employed with the KwaiiPH team!! And I guess your #lifegoal is to spread Kawaii around the world!! ??

  2. I’m glad you’ve managed to make some realisations in your trip. And employment would be amazing-shame I’m not old enough to work and I live hours away!
    Everything Kawaii PH does looks absolutely kawaii and fun! I’m sure everyone that attended the Halloween Party had an absolutely amazing time. 😀
    I’m also addicted to CCS now!

  3. Hi, Kaila-senpai! I’m really looking forward to your How to Organize an event topic on Kaila-Sensie.com! I always wanted to come up an event here in our place and spread Kawaii love 🙂


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