Electric Blue Stars, Kebab and a Poodle

Two days ago, we went to Ueno and Akihabara. I’m a 20 yr. old dressed up in a schoolgirl outfit, haha.

Ignore my uncombed hair, that’s just really how I am. Heehee.

If you haven’t read my trip to Shibuya and Harajuku, it’s here!

(If you’re reading this now, pause the music first because my blog posts’ music are all on autostart. ^^v)

This is like Divisoria in the Philippines.. the difference though, stores are not selling fake items and cheap wholesale goods. Brands were Adidas, Nike, New Balance, etc. Some were factory outlet stores so some branded items were over 40% off or more!

Fake cherry blossoms. I feel like Sakura hahaha


Can’t copy their poses hence..

When I get slimmer, my photos wouldn’t be as awkward as my photos now..

Bought 3 Docs! And wore one pair immediately after the purchase, haha.

With my Bigbang brother..



Found a yellow scooter..


Lol at that strand of hair..

Hello, Akihabara!

Feet were tired.

From AKB48.. seriously, the body is :O


All possible gadgets could be found in Akihabara! We saw an electric fan.. without the fan @_@

There was a crowd of people playing with their DS Lite altogether in one place. Japan’s technology is amazing!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my photospam :”)

4 thoughts on “Electric Blue Stars, Kebab and a Poodle

  1. Rainbow shoes~ @w@ Waaaant~ :33:
    And those UFO Catcher thingies…Isn’t it hard to get those toys? .____. And Capsule Toys!! :heart:
    Nice Docs, btw~ :lulz:

  2. WOW. You ALWAYS have SO many pictures that it takes forever for it to load on my 512MB RAM desktop! Hahah. I love the picture of you and the dog, when your eyes are closed. Haha. Japan looks really nice… I wished I could visit it. Someday. Hehe.

  3. sa Akihabara rin ata ung mall na puro related sa cameras 😥 really wannnnna go there!


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