ABC x Rainbowholic: Exploring Tokyo with Abbey

Hello everybody! Good morning! : )

If you’ve been following my posts on social media, you would know that I’m currently on vacation with a dear friend, Abbey of Artistic Dreams. This mini trip / golden week vacation serves like a triple purpose for me actually (what do you expect ahahah)… and these are:

  1. Ultimate Bonding Experience with Abbey, a super talented artist / creative entrepreneur / blogger from the Philippines whose life ideals are the same with mine. We love traveling, sharing our dreams & action plans, passion-driven projects, and being amazed by Japan haha.
  2. Break time from all the work I’ve been doing for months. This trip is actually synonymous to my Kyoto Backpacking last 2014.
  3. OurKawaii.Tokyo fun work. (Lol, trying to escape work and finding work-related opportunities during vacation hahaha #KailaProblems)

Of course, before she flew to Tokyo, I had to do some magic general cleaning! :))

Our JapanLover.Me Store office was in a big crazy mess 3 days ago and for 2 days, I spent all my energy to fix le apartment and office haha. Of course, I have to be hospitable and appear neat / organized with things hahaha lolol


*magic* yayyy


Since this is our last full day together, I’ll just blog fast while she’s still sleeping haha. Hope the photos below are enough to describe how much fun we had together! :”)


April 29: Woke up early and went to the bus station bound for Narita airport. Had breakfast at First Kitchen and took pictures around ~


Explored the departure area of Narita Airport since I was too early (early is better than lateee~!). Please look forward to my post about Narita Airport on OurKawaii.Tokyo! : )


All the special Starbucks tumblers are available at SB Narita Airport <3



Gifts / omiyage from Abbey! I got a signed copy of “Paano Ba ‘To” written by Bianca Gonzalez (in Tagalog / English) + Workshop Guidebook that ABC produced (for her workshops)!


I’m so proud to see my friend’s work on a major book (FRIEND KO ‘YAN!!!!!)! And omg the “so young and so accomplished!” note by Ms. Bianca huhu!


April 30: Tokyo Disneyland Day with Abbey (super lola / grandma mode hahaha)


I shall never forget our Space Mountain moment ahahahha


Breakfast courtesy of my brother : )


May 1: Shopped around Takeshita Street, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and other places! Abbey’s reaction whenever we’d go to an artsy store = the best hahaha <3 I’ve been living here in Japan for 4 years and I still haven’t explored everything in Tokyo! *_* I need decades haha~


Anyway ~

To end this post briefly for now, just want to share one of my favorite works by her from the book. <3


Replace the word “Love” from above and replace it with “Friendship” since the quote is also applicable in that context, haha. (I think that is how I would describe my unexpected friendship compatibility with Abbey haha.)

I rarely meet people who have such intense drive and passion about life, goals, bznz, perspectives, professionalism, etc.. and I’m so happy and blessed to get to know Abbey as a person (not only the sempai / “Ate” / idol version / “ABC” .. you get what I mean). This girl may be young + look young, but she’s very inspiring to many (especially those who have artistic dreams!!!), and of course, “many” includes yours truly hehe.

Please look forward to my special series of ABC x Rainbowholic on the blog!

So exciting!

<3, カイラ

4 thoughts on “ABC x Rainbowholic: Exploring Tokyo with Abbey

  1. Alright, I’m convinced that Japan isn’t actually a place on this earth. Right before you enter ‘enter’ Japan, you instead go through a portal that transport you into an entirely different universe. All kidding aside, if I ever have trouble explaining to anyone why I would want to live there,im would simply show them this post

  2. weee!!! 😀 we’re exited too !! 😀 and i feel the short and sweet quote is “Don’t go through life, grow through life” !! ^_^
    and i don’t remember how many times i’ve told you or other people have told you this… you look sooooo cuteeeeee <3 please teach us how do you maintain such a clear skin 🙂 <3

  3. That is so great that you get along so well and got to spend some time together! 😀

    There are so so so so many cute things in those photos, omg. x_x <333


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