First Week in Photos

Everything still feels surreal. I am indeed, living my dream right now. Konnichiwa, Japan!

Our first dinner, courtesy of ministop near our home.

My brother’s “present” for me. Hello shiny iMac!

Prepare your scrollbars.. for this is going to be a longggg post.



I’ve never had a fancy phone before.. so I decided to splurge on it and make it all girly and sparkly.

My long fingernails were giving me a hell time. Had to buy this pointer thingy for iPhone.

My school during lunch break. This is the students’ runway where they could show off their style.

Bought running shoes so that I could jog around the neighborhood.

Bought a lot of stuff while waiting for my brother. I spent an hour in this cute store! My eyes almost bled when I saw the items!


Super kawaii carnival-inspired accessory case.

My wallet! My iPhone fits perfectly in this too!

Planning to buy a lot of makeup soon.. for now, I need a mascara. IM SO GIRLY

Majolica Majorca!!


Thank you Instagram, for making my life easier with your color presets!

(And yes, I had a “hair” makeover. I LOVE MY HAIR NOW!!)

Long weekend! No school today IM A HAPPY CHILDDDD


Ja matta!~

29 thoughts on “First Week in Photos

  1. I’m crying happiness tears for you!!!!!! >:D< One day, I'll get my dream of going there too! Can't wait to dress up na din. Sobrang init lang dito now! :((( Love you Nay!

  2. AWW <3 ang saya naman dyan! japan's so niiiice <3 airport lang lagi nakikita ko dyan hahahaha hope u're having funnn! at ang bongga ng iphone mo ah! bedazzled ng bonggs. i lovelovelove it! when are you coming back here for graduation? 🙂

  3. @carlalalalalalalavet: hahaha minsan dito na kayo magthursdate! when i’m familiar with the places, i’ll tour you guys! hehe. di naman nasobrahan sa diamante no? hahaha! i’m coming back this june 20 or earlier. : D

    kawaii is “cute” in japanese. hehehe amishu

  4. Wow!! You are so lucky. I was suppose to go to Seoul, Korea this summer but plans changed. My parents decided I’m too young to travel far. (I’m 18) I’m very bummed about it. 😥 I really want to visit another country for a couple weeks or more. Hopefully, I can get a job or something out in S.Korea, or Japan. That would be amazing. <3

    For now. I'm pretty happy about, going to a dance workshop with awesome choreographers and random people in a couple weeks. <3 :yay:

  5. @cassandra: Thank you!! And … Really? Aww, don’t worry about it. I had lots of attempts too before landing here in Japan.. so don’t give up : )

  6. Aw, how nice it was to look through all the photos! It reminded me of my own time in Japan :cute: I wanna go back, so much! :yay:

  7. Those rainbow shoes!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :love: :love: :love: :love: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: :loveheart: whaaaaaaaaa I WANT A PARI TOO!! ;;________;;

  8. I’m just so super duper curious! How did you move to Japan?
    Or how are you going to school there? I’m so jelly !
    So glad I found your blog btwwww~


  9. Hey there! I’m pretty interested in how you ended up studying in Japan. I came back from an exchange 中央大学, and I super wanna do it again. Problem is, I’m already a 3rd year UPD student, so I was thinking to just go for Graduate school. Any advice? Are you under MEXT? 🙂

  10. Ah, haro miss!
    I wonder how’s your way to move to Japan because I want to live in there too..
    I’m 16th now so I want to live in there asap. Hahahah. It’d be great if you post how could you move to here!
    And sorryyyy if my grammar is messy =__= I’m Indonesian lol
    Sankyu before!

  11. :woww: :heart: You’ve really inspired me since I first saw you! This is amazing. Just like you, I’ve been dreaming of coming to Japan!!! I will be, soon. I know. After finishing college, I will pursue that. <3 You are really an inspiration, ate Kaila. Thank you. :yehey: :love:

  12. nice pics. One question, did you draw your art n paper and then fix them on your computer?


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