☆ Fun Anvaya Getaway with Friends ☆

A few weeks ago, my close friends from college and I decided to have an out-of-town trip! <3

We planned this even when I was still in Japan.. so everyone was really looking forward for this rare opportunity to bond together!

(Can’t believe we’re all working our asses off now hahaha)




It was two days of ultimate bonding with Charie, Gracie and Pat! ;_; I really missed them! Can’t believe it has been .. 2 years?! since we all graduated ;_;

The pool *_*

If you’re too lazy to scroll down, just watch the video I made haha 😀

A weekend just for relaxation & catching up =  :heart:


Meet my crazy bunch of friends.  :heart:

Charie was my roommate before (and also a highschool batchmate)!! Pat and Gracie were my blockmates and thesismates as well! Hello, mates hahahaha~

We tried out so many activities in one day! YAY FOR ZIPLINE!!



Mandatory group photo haha



Wearing my favorite summer-themed necklace from Trixy Starr!





We also met the ducks LOLOLOLOL most random activity

Took lots of underwater photos ~

Drew rainbows on the sand while Patrik kept on.. destroying my rainbow castles / writings ;_; *true friend*


Gracie and I have polar opposite personalities .. :)) and we love each other because of our differences, hahaha!!

I’m too noisy, and she’s the quiet type one =))

Sunset <3


We all went to Singapore when we were still in college! Can’t believe time has passed by so fast ;_; SO MANY GREAT MEMORIES ;_;

We waited for the bonfire event. By the time it happened, we all fell asleep.. :))) FAIL




perfect <3





We also went hiking (a.k.a. fitness trails hahahahaha) ~

Don’t know why we even tried out this activity. :))) GO TEAM!!



I love these people to bits <3



Just like a child hahaha



Final destination of pigging out :)))

Sundays at a Cafe <3

Vietnamese coffee and veggie sandwich with potatoes~

It doesn’t matter how long we haven’t seen each other… ;_; Whenever we meet up, it’s as if nothing has changed and we are still being our silly selves.


After that trip, I had a spontaneous movie night at Gracie’s house just like the good ol’ times!! <3

Took photos of her brother’s Slam Dunk toy collection hahaha

And a random pokemon toy photo to end this entry.. :))



4 thoughts on “☆ Fun Anvaya Getaway with Friends ☆

  1. Wow! The place you went to is so cute! It reminds me of my 4th grade fieldtrip huhu ;_;
    Ang cute niyo <3 Para kayong f4 hahaha =)) 3 girls and 1 boy (that sounded weird) =)) :hug:
    Super enjoy niyo trip niyo haha 🙂 wish to go there soon, hopefully. haha :heart: :heart:


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