Going Back After A Year (Philippine Vacation Part 1)

I’m back! I just arrived here in Japan last night and I can’t wait to share about my 2-week vacation in my home country! It feels quite a bit sad that what I considered to be “home” has become a place for me to spend vacation now ;__; But sacrifices have to made.. I need to work and help my family. *gambarimasu mode*

After not seeing my family and friends for about a year (I went back for my university graduation last year.. and it was so QUICK), you could say I was really excited to go home! I had to shorten my vacation for a bit for a possible opportunity for me here in Japan. Still crossing my fingers about it..  :3: It could be my biggest break, I think?  :blushh:

When I arrived at NAIA (airport) and saw my parents waving at me, it was one of my happiest moments. I missed them so much. ;__; I am the youngest and only girl in the family so you could tell how painful it was for my parents every single time they send me off to Japan. Huhuhu ;_;

Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff and I will just let the random photos do the explaining of my simple yet awesome Philippine vacation!  YAYY!!  :happy:

Had a spontaneous road trip from Manila to Tagaytay~

I brought my newest ish of KERA with me ~



Royal Host pancakes cost around 600 yen (with sausage, etc.) while Jollibee’s costs only 100 yen and even below..??



First time to drink coke again! Went on a soda diet while still in Japan <3

That’s a coke float : )

It was such a perfect day for a roadtrip! Cloudy skies!


Lol, I gave my parents pairs of cucumber-shaped facial sheets : )) Jeepney drivers were looking at my dad haha

My non-Filipino readers/friends, here is what we call “Tricycle”. And this is a form of transportation here ^^v

Rainbow shoes had landed haha

Where we had our lunch


With my cousin Kim

And this is such a mandatory tourist photo : ))


My fourth older brother rocking my heart shades


The Filipino way~



Boat rental for the Taal Volcano

It feels great to be away from the city : )

Too much win : )) Tambay Pogi is a funny term in Filipino 😀





Will post around 2 more entries~

Hope you can visit Philippines and experience our warm hospitality and hot weather.. haha!


8 thoughts on “Going Back After A Year (Philippine Vacation Part 1)

  1. 6th pic is familiar.. that’s in GMA, Cavite hahaha lugar namin.. ansaya ko lang para sa ‘kanya’, sa lahat ng madadaan, napicturan pa yun. XD hehe.. ok, ambabaw ko. ^__^

  2. “PANG PA GUTOM ANG POST NA ITO” hahaha:) Aweesome shots =’)) Oh @Lhei: GHAAASH GMA CAVITE?! SAME HERE <33 .

  3. wow… so colorful – your pictures are relly great advertisement 😉 for me it looks like scenes from a movie – bit unreal :lulz:
    can’t wait for next post!

  4. Sad parin ako na di tayo nakapagmeet pero ohwells NEXT TIME. ;u;

    Ahihihi MABUHAY!! (Kahit na nasa Japan ka na lol) :yay:

    Oh btw the other girl… Yung naka-pink! I remember her from one of your old DA photos~ :O

  5. Hi there! It’s been recently since I’m following you on FB, and I should say how inspiring your story is about how you had to go to Japan. Sana mahabol rin ako after college. :> Anyway, have fun while it lasts. :3 :star: Will be looking forward for more posts. :heart:

  6. waaah @_@
    wish we meet but you don’t have time 🙁
    you went to tagaytay. the place is sooooooooooooo cooled in there 🙂
    buchi :3
    and you drink coffee float in jollibee :3
    I tried that too


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