Kaila’s Gratitude Exercise

Thankful For

I am thankful for..

  • My family and friends for sticking with me through thick and thin, success and downtimes.. It must be tough especially during my “mood swings” so I am thankful for the understanding.
  • The personal / work challenges and struggles that I battle with. Without these, I wouldn’t be able to stretch myself to do better and do things smarter. *positive thinking*
  • My Rainbowholic readers / dreamers for the support. Every comment / feedback / encouragement goes a long way for a girl like Kaila who has shallow happiness hehe.
  • My roller coaster ride life in Japan. It’s a dream country for me to live and chase my dreams here but I must admit, there were / are many things that still “shock” me about living in Japan. I learned and still learn how to have an open mind in order to “survive” here, and I’m thankful for Japan for teaching me that.
  • My vacation x work time in Manila. I value every day I spend in my home. For all the simple joys such as home cooked meals, movies with my friends, and Sundays with my family… Thank you ~
  • My Kawaii PH and Japan Lover Me family for being one of my support system. As a founder / leader of these communities / platforms, I learn a lot from my teammates and co-workers. Working with a team (even if we don’t look like we do because we appear to be “having fun” :)) ) has taught me a lot of values hehe.
  • My flexible yet hectic work schedule. I seem to never run out of things to do but I’m most thankful about the flexible part of my job. And I do most of my work in my pajamas haha. XD
  • This is weird but I am thankful for my collected 10 yen coins hahahaha because when I run out of money and I want to buy a drink from a vending machine, my 10 yen coins are there to save my cravings. :))
  • Quiet mornings. Before or during breakfast, this is my most productive part of the day … and perfect mornings for me = quiet mornings with the birds chirping :)))
  • … Everything. My life isn’t perfect even if my fb page might be telling otherwise (with all the kawaii posts haha) but I am just thankful for all the experience, whether it’s good or not-so-good. I wanna be someone great while still being ~young~~
  • And thank you to everyone who sends love mails to my inbox huhu I might not be able to reply fast (mentally I do haha) but there… Thank you for adding more sparkles to my days hihi.


How about you? What are you thankful for? :”)

If you are feeling blue, I recommend this easy gratitude exercise. 10 minutes later, you will feel more refreshed and pumped up! 🙂

Being appreciative when things are going great or when the road is rocky is very healthy for the soul! 😀

Gratitude is a cheap / free medicine that I highly recommend. <3

<3, Kaila

3 thoughts on “Kaila’s Gratitude Exercise

  1. I love this list and your blog! I am SO glad that I found you. I am grateful for my wife (Jen) who is my best friend and soulmate too. Our babies – two cats, two birds and two hermit crabs. The love, happiness and good health of Jen and our babies! My faith. Japan and everything Japanese. Gaming. Fabulous TV series’. Anime and Manga and so much more!

    I also think that family who will stick by you if you go through mood swings is wonderful. I have bipolar disorder and sometimes I can go from depressed to manic to just emotionless almost in one day!

  2. @Angie: Thank you for visitng my blog! <3 And I am also happy for you and your soulmate! :) Please continue to be grateful everyday! It might be another way / alternative to survive our mood swings quickly haha! <3


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