Gudetama + Daily Japan Life + Love ?

Hi everyone!

Currently on a lunch break right now and I need to head back soon to the office (which is just.. 30 seconds away lolol). Thought I should update something here about recent happenings. I’m actually feeling a bit sick but for some reason, my mind is just so overly active. My body wants to rest, but my mind is feeling restless huhuhuhu send help.. ;_;

Anyway, here are just some random photos I took that I wanna share 🙂


Complete Pikachu babies! Thank you Sponsorさん lol!

Grandma Kaila style ~

Growing Gudetama plushie collection. Perfect for my videos & #flatlays, lol!

Cooked something “healthy” for myself last week and it was such an achievement for me, haha!

Got this bag of yumminess from my friends Allie & Lando!

Pastillas + yema?! GUYS?? ;__;

New matcha pocky flavor + packaging needed to be photographed haha

What to expect from Rainbowholic Shop this week:

Lots of kawaii & colorful washi tapes from Japan!

ABC Daily Journal | Life in Japan + January 2017 Throwback Journaling ?



And before I end this entry, let me end it with lots of cheese and fluff lololol. I’ll take a pause from writing about dreams and plans, and let me share a bit about my personal life. This is rare for me because whenever I blog, I don’t usually mention about specifics about my love life anymore, haha.

Honestly, this is probably the most random & unexpected happening in my life ever since I moved to Japan almost 5-6 years ago.

I’m just so happy & beyond thankful that everything happened at the right time. The timing was too precise! I can still remember the nights (the previous years ago) I used to write about what I think of “love”, my ridiculous standards (turned out they weren’t too ridiculous and were achievable, haha!), and everything. I’m so glad that I listened to my heart and I refused to lower my personal standards about love even though the people around me would joke about that.. that person does not exist, haha. But omg, he is alive lololol.

Finding someone who has the same outlook / perspective about living a meaningful & positive life.. is kinda rare for me. I even thought that if I would not find someone who fits my (realistic) list of~non-negotiables~, I would rather stay happily single forever.

To this crazy person who once biked from Tokyo to Fukushima on impulse because he felt like he had to do it, thank you for watching my youtube videos and reading some of my blog posts.. just to get to know me more. For believing in my dreams, visions, plans, achiever goals even though we were still practically strangers, hontou ni arigatou. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by me and by the way I think (I usually get this insight from people I know haha) so being admired by being just my natural self… omg, thank you.

Thank you for all of your efforts even though at first, I was super skeptical lolololol. For loving and admiring Philippines and for buying a Tagalog book for me.. that’s just wow. Huhu.

It’s not yet Valentine’s and this might be too early but I don’t know. I’m just soo happy.

I’ve always been a happy girl (I try to choose happiness everyday) but with you around + your crazy antics / humor, lololol I will probably run out of laughter / voice anytime soon, haha!

Thanks for everything! 🙂

Enough of the cheese, haha!! Omg ~  I’m shy now.

Until the less cheesy post,

<3, カイラ

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