Happy 12th birthday, Kaila!

I refuse to believe that I am already in my twenties huhuhuhu  😥

Why does it feel like I’m still anticipating for my 18th birthday?? Whut whut  :tsk:

Anyway, here’s a belated birthday post for yesterday. It feels different to spend it with a totally different environment and with my family not here. Oh well!


Still, I’m very thankful for all the opportunities and learnings I’ve had during the past year as a newbie in the “real” world (teenager no more :blank: ).

Bought a very floral birthday card present for myself. It’s crazy I know! It’s like sending yourself flowers on Valentine’s : ))

Sometimes you just have to be crazy and try things out for the first time : )

Here’s a secret of mine: I love making notes and letters to myself / future self. I remember writing about my Japan dream in my old moleskine notebook.. and boy, it did come true!

Also, I probably don’t look like the religious type of a person, but I’m actually very spiritual. Hehe  :heart:

Delicious vanilla cupcake I have been lusting over for months! My first time to try it out.. without calories in my mind!



Another present for myself, a Rainbowholic photoalbum for the recent HK trip!  :heart:

Actually during the first parts of my birthday, I was feeling pretty down. My brother annoyed me so much that I couldn’t feel it was my birthday! Huhu.


Then they surprised me with a super cute Strawberry cake!

Kawaii stuff to add to my growing collection of Hello Kitty (even though My Melody / Kiki and Lala were my original favorites) <3

USB Blanket ftw! Only in Japan <3


And my brother got me a branded Randoseru backpack which he continues to brag to me that he got all the randoseru’s for 1/3 or 1/4 of the price! Gotta love Christmas sales!!

Only in Japan you’d find such expensive backpacks for kids!

(randoseru = backpack of Japanese elementary school students =))))))) )



I’ll be forever a kid at heart! No complaints, please haha 😛


More photos in my jammies. I love how the cake was not so sweet and tastes just right!


I cannot have a decent photo with my crazy brother


I almost poked my eyes with the tall candles ;____;


And of course, I got the sweetest messages!


Thank you facebook for the free alerts of people’s birthdays (this is sincere, not sarcastic! haha)! Because of that, a person’s day is happier because of wall greetings from his/her friends and acquaintances everywhere in the globe. : )


Never in my life have I imagined to be greeted by the guys who run TokyoFashion.

Thank you Timu & Mori-san, Master Kira for the greetings!  :heart:


And my friends in the Philippines left kilig and AWW messages on my timeline. Feelin’ so loved~  :heart:

(The before picture was from a shoot from one of my majors! the theme was biggest loser.. ok? Haha!)

My sweetest and most-unlikely- to-be-really-close with friend <3

From my wittiest highschool friend who will be forever my inspiration.  :heart:


A cheesy post that is very rare from him, hehe!  :heart:

His birthday present for me was he made me feel his real presence on my favorite day.

He was there before the clock dictated that I just turned 21 and until the very moment that “my day” has officially ended.


Like what I’ve said, I was feeling a bit down because I expected this day to be perfect and just plain happy..


And he made me laugh so much =)))))) wtf


Birthday was well-spent! This could pass as the weirdest birthday I’ve ever had.. and I like it just like that.


Thank you for remembering little me last January the third,


7 thoughts on “Happy 12th birthday, Kaila!

  1. Awwwwwww… You have a sweet family ♥ :”> Sweet friends, relatives and of course, your boyfriend! 😀 And again po, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS KAILA! Please stay awesome and keep inspiring people! xoxo <3

  2. @Simply Precious: Thank you SP! :heart:

    @Mishie: Sobra diba haha nashock din ako! : ))) :sweatdrop:

    @Mae: Aww you so sweet! Thank you ^^v 😥

  3. Weeee belated, ate! *throws confetti*

    Super kawaii bags~ *___* And other gifts!! Ang cute niyo ng kuya mo… Hihihi~ And lol forever cute ate~ :heart:

  4. Happy belated birthday! I believe you mentioned your birthday before but I forgot to send my wishes D; Lovely gifts too! Must be awesome being 12, eh? 😉

  5. Woah!! <3 i looove the line "Stay close to God at all times" !! <3 this is also why i call you an Angel <3 God himself has sent you to us girls… ^_^


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