Hiroshima Day 2: Itsukushima Shrine at Miyajima

Hi everyone!

Here is another blog entry from the #9DaysJapanBackpacking series! Today’s post is about our memorable day spent in Miyajima Island in Hiroshima Prefecture. Click here to read our first day in Hiroshima.

VIDEOJapan Travel Vlog 5: Miyajima Island (宮島) + Hobonichi Techo With Me ⛩

We had a quick forest bathing.

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Breakfast in our airbnb. Made pancakes using the special Kyushu pancake mix!

How to go to Miyajima from JR Hiroshima station: 

Take the JR Sanyo Line to Miyajimaguchi station. From that station, walk to the JR Ferry port and buy tickets.

I had been waiting for this day.

Spent the entire day being with the friendly local deers.

When in Miyajima, eat all possible food, haha!

The famous momiji manju

Lololol don’t ask

It was more beautiful in person!

Aki brought me here and I was so speechless.

What a sight! We wanted to freeze that moment together.

I recommend spending an entire day discovering this island. Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes too!

When suddenly out of nowhere, there was a stationery store? Hahaha. I must be attracting them lol

I wanted to take one home but we only had our backpacks so.. next time? Haha!

Sundae & sweet potato, best combo!

I miss this sweet .. thing! If you find this in Miyajima, do give it a try!

Dinner time back at our airbnb.

Discounted grocery food, yay~

Thank you Miyajima!

With love,


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