How Blogging Has Helped Me Achieve My Dreams

Blog Your Dreams

For this post, I’m going to share how BLOGGING has changed my life and how it has helped me a lot in many aspects.

If you have dreams that you want to achieve.. I only have ONE tip for you.

Blog about those. Blog consistently. Blog your heart out.

I started blogging a long time ago and I wasn’t even “Rainbowholic” back then. I even had a domain called “”. Bahaghari means “rainbow” in Tagalog. I had a lot of online nicknames before I realized I loved rainbows, haha.

That “long time ago” was an era wherein blogging was just more of a hobby to most people. And it was quite rare that time to encounter bloggers also becoming web celebrities who’d get sponsored to do and endorse brands. Times have changed so much and many people take a dive into blogging for various reasons (and for me, that is okay.. to each his own, I suppose). However, not a lot of people who try blogging would stick with it for a long period. It’s easy to setup a blog but the dedication that comes with it.. that is something that not all people who have tried blogging.. can do. And if you are one of those people who have had frustrations about blogging, I’m here to cheer you up and tell you that.. You can start again anytime. And you should continue that and you should login again and make a draft. I’ll try to convince you with my narrations below, haha.

When I started blogging, I just wanted to experiment with HTML codes / basic PHP with Adobe Photoshop and Imageready (no more imageready huhu). Because I also wanted to improve my essay composition skills in English, I decided to commit to blog. After a decade, I never thought that I would be praised (based on the blog survey I  conducted) because of my “writing”. I’m far from being a grammar nazi but for me, that is a big deal. One of my biggest insecurities when I was younger was everything that was related with “English”. During class recitations, I’d have to memorize in my brain what I would say first.. and I often envied my classmates who spoke so eloquently. I forced myself to go to the library every morning and lunch time during elementary even if during the start, I didn’t really like reading bunches of text… because I liked pictures more (years later, I type so much now LOL). Even if I made extra effort during my school years, I would say that the “blogging” hobby has created the biggest impact in my life. One decade has passed, and this is still what I am doing. : )

Most people and friends approach me to ask for my advice about “making a name” or “how to get yourself out there” like how I did. For me, it is quite simple really. If you want to do something or achieve your dreams, just go and DO whatever it takes. Sometimes, people get overwhelmed or discouraged already because they feel that the market is already saturated. For me, even if there are a lot of people doing it..  you should ask yourself.. “Why is it stopping you?”. It’s like.. you want to become a successful businessman, but you fear that there are many entrepreneurs who might be doing the same thing. Truth is, there are indeed a lot of people and your ideas may not be 100% original and some have done those already… but should that stop you from achieving things that are meant for you? I don’t think so. As long as you are not hurting anybody or you are not being an annoying copycat, you can be whoever you want to be. 

There are many Japanese culture or kawaii-themed blogs out there and I am comfortable with that. Before, I didn’t even know what kind of “blogger” to call myself (I’m not a fashion blogger but I love sharing my style).. so one day, I decided to have “Kawaii Lifestyle Blogger” as my answer to “What kind of blogger are you?” questions. Nowadays, whenever I discover more and more kawaii blogs who are being run by kawaii lifestyle bloggers.. I feel genuinely happy. It feels like I have kawaii sisters with me and I am not alone! 🙂

What I love about blogging is that it has enabled me to be reflective about what has transpired for a certain period of time. I learned the important traits such as self-discipline, commitment / dedication, and.. what the word “passion” really meant. Whenever I backread my posts, I would be reminded of my 20, 21, 22 yr. old self.. how much I have grown from a kawaii lover girl to a kawaii girl + passionate creative woman that I describe myself now. Reading my past entries keeps me grounded..  NO MATTER how many achievements that are blogging-related have happened in my life. Having an online documentation about my life here in Japan and times in the Philippines has helped me track my goals. Whenever I dream, I set an expiration date (lol hashtag self-pressure) because I knew that dreams that aren’t realized over a long time could become frustrations instead. I dreamt and blogged about sharing Kawaii in my home country… and after some time, we had a workshop, successful convention, collaboration with a TV channel, an online community or support group of people who love kawaii… it’s crazy but this is my testimony on how BLOGGING paved many ways for a crazy dreamer like me.

Blogging about my dreams is one of my favorite forms (next to doodling with my coloring pens) of visualizing. Like what I have mentioned in my previous entries about the dream cycle, visualizing your dreams and making an actual / physical reminder are important because these enable you to be more attractive to circumstances that can help you attain your aspirations.

Honestly, I feel quite sad whenever I try to encourage people to start a blog and they hesitate or reject the idea instantly for a shallow reason… and this is the “notion” / common conception about being a blogger. For some reason, people have judging tones when you introduce yourself as “blogger”.. hence, discouraging others to try this (because of the fear of being judged as ***blogger***… lol, hope you get what I mean).

You can become a blogger even if you don’t want to earn from it or you don’t want to be known because you’re uncomfortable with that. You can have a different purpose. If you are the type of person who looks at life quite negatively, try blogging as a therapy and I promise you, YOU WILL FEEL BETTER. I am not a perfect person who has super positive attitude all the time, I have my rollercoaster motivation levels (because girly hormones affect me a lot even if I don’t like it lol)… but blogging has helped me get by during my depressive moments in life. Whenever I blog, I pause and take a deep breath, then share all the beautiful things even if I had a bad day.. and I would be reminded that I should be thankful and appreciative of my blessings instead and I should overlook the shitty things instead. I use blogging to filter out the good apples from the bad / fresh flowers from the dead ones. And I hope that you’d be able to utilize this blogging hobby in such manner too, because I highly recommend this kind of blogging.

As you can tell, this is how blogging has molded me to become this dedicated person, even with the many setbacks I would encounter here and there. If you are from the creative industry and you want your photographs / art / crafts / ideas to be discovered… then do necessary steps to make yourself discovered.

These days, the online world plays a HUGE role already and many talented people have been discovered through the internet. Sometimes you could say that some people have more luck than you do.. but if you open your mind to the thousand possibilities and think that you can also create your own “great luck” by hard work and persistence.. you can be part of this discovered people. I have some creative friends (categorized under the super talented) who want to be known about their digital work / graphic design, and yet.. I feel that they haven’t tapped their maximum potential because they only have online portfolios (honestly, most creatives have that already). I think that most people or future employers would be more interested if they find out that you also run a blog / personal website. If you want to have an edge, I’d say that blogging can become that.. if only you’d just allow it to be. : )

Blog because you have goals you want to achieve..  and a year from now, you want to cross those out from your list.

Blog and make yourself a magnet of many possibilities.

Blog and make online friends who share the same interests. Meet up, collaborate, and enjoy the hobby together.

Blog and share your work. Your creative ideas, photos, and craft are meant to be known & shared.. not to be kept and stored.

And once you have realized that this is your newfound passion..

I hope that you will blog so that you would have a better understanding about yourself and you can see the world in a new light. Not only so that the world can see you and give you applause for outstanding work.

Blog and spread good influence.

Blog your dreams and shock yourself later.

Blog and inspire others to dream and do things.


Cheers and lots of good luck hugs from a dreamer-blogger,

Kaila / カイラ


7 thoughts on “How Blogging Has Helped Me Achieve My Dreams

  1. waaah this is so inspirational 😀
    I’m very much into blogging myself, but not having many readers, i get discouraged easiyl ;-; so this post helps a lot!
    one thing i always like to ask myself is “what kind of blog would you like to read?”
    and then i try to write about the things that i would be happy reading about too, hoping that others may find my posts interesting and helpful ^-^

  2. Thank you very much. This the reason i started to follow tour blog. Because you tive me inspiration to never gave up.
    It’s a bit hard when you are note sure of what are tour dreams :/
    But i keep trying to fins them while blogging 🙂

  3. This was a great text, thank you!!! Speaking of you blogging in English: I also started to blog in English to improve my English skills(I’m Swedish), and it has truly helped I think. Nowadays I’m completely comfortable with writing long texts in English without having to think a lot. I still do grammar mistakes, but I’ve realized as long as the readers get my point it doesn’t matter. One day I’ll hopefully take the next step, vlogging in English! My confidence when speaking English is still super low, but I think it would improve quite fast. ANYWAYS thank you, this post was truly inspiring♡

  4. waaaaahh this was so motivating ;;A;; we have a contest in our school about the most creative blog and I’m thinking if I should join or not because the other participants are so good at English ;;A;; after I read this post I feel like I should really enter the contest \ ( *o* ) /


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