How I Spent My 23rd: Binondo Food Trip + Photo Walk!

As much as I love dressing up + going to cutesy & fancy (and still cheap, haha) places with my friends..

.. I also like it the most when I’m just in my simplest.

With my cheeky smile as the only accessory.. oh I loveeee it! :))

Having fun and conversations over yummy inexpensive food with a company of good friends (insert lots of laughs and daydreaming)..

… yup, that is my kind of happiness.

And that was how I spent my memorable 23rd here in Manila.


We went to Binondo, a place where everything is Chineseeee here.

Sadly, I’m going to miss the CNY (Chinese New Year) celebration here again.

I haven’t experienced one yet (no judging haha) and hopefully next year, I wouldn’t miss it in Manila.

I think I’ll go to Japan’s own version of China Town  to experience Japanese-style CNY though, haha!

Was too lazy to dress up and I didn’t want to attract the negative kind of attention (from snatchers and the bad crowd) so shirt + comfy jeans + sneaks was my #ootd. : )))


ChiChi and Anne!


Brought my vintage camera. Was tooo paranoid to bring a digital camera / slr!  😀

Thankfully, ChiChi & Francis brought their camera!

This photo spam blog post wouldn’t be published if it weren’t for their courage to bring out their camera in Binondo. Haha!

Enjoy the photos + captions~

Happy, happy!

While waiting for our first set of meal~



After stuffing ourselves with the first batch of food for the afternoon, we walked around the area.

It was so hot and humid.. but if you’ve got great company, you wouldn’t really complain. ^^


I feel sad for these huhu



This photo makes me really hungry now.

The best siopao ever.. and for only P17.00!

We ate so many noodles because.. noodles = long life…

.. wtf : ))



Many thanks to ChiChi and Francis for providing these wonderful photographs!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week since that memorable day.

After coming back to my place after an afternoon of food, photos and little bit of Ukay shopping.. I cried again. TT_TT I’m such a crybaby, huhu!

This time, I cried so hard (JOYFUL TEARS!) because I was so genuinely & shallowly happy..? : )


To all those who greeted and messaged me a happy birthday, thank you so much. ;_;

Honestly, I feel a lil bit scared for the coming year in store for me. I have bigger responsibilities now.. more than I’ve imagined I’d have by 23. I cannot reveal / tell about these things to anyone yet but I think this’ll be a very challenging year. Very x 1000!

And as always, challenge accepted. Bring it on! :>


I shall make the best out of my 23rd self,


2 thoughts on “How I Spent My 23rd: Binondo Food Trip + Photo Walk!

  1. Happy Birthday Kaila! The best Birthdays are always spent being surrounded by your loved ones no matter in what setting as long as your all together. May this year be just as prosperous for you, and may the Lord fill you with many more blessings. <3 :yay:

  2. Happy Birthday Kaila! As always the photos were beautiful and fun to look at. It’s like traveling without having to leave home! 🙂
    Hopefully one day you can come to my home turf Manhattan (New York City!) and see our version on Chinatown (some of the best eating in the world there seriously I love going there with my friends)
    I also have many new challenges ahead of me this year (new job :blank: ) so let’s do our best to accomplish everything!


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