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Hi everybody!

For today’s lengthy blog post, I will be teaching you guys how to make a delicious & healthy Japanese-style spaghetti (“Wafu Pasta”)! Yay!

I know that many of you guys are surprised by this sudden cooking tutorial category on my blog (never thought I’d make one as well, lol) but it was just soooo timely because when the Villeroy & Boch team reached out to me to work together for the #vbclassics worldwide campaign, Aki & I were already conceptualizing on simple yet fun Japanese cooking videos for my youtube channel. The blogger challenge / task was: From old to new – style up your traditional table look by mix and matching old and new pieces from V&B! And you know me, I love challenges! ^^

Between the two of us, he cooks more than I usually do. I can only cook very basic meals that only I can eat for survival purposes.. seriously, haha! I even learned how to level up my pasta game after our mini cooking party session! :))

The star of this blog post is my very generous sponsor Villeroy & Boch. At first, I had to google how to pronounce the brand name and omg lol, it does really sound super sophisticated. I even watched a video to know a little bit of history about this brand (where it originated, started at year 1748, etcetera). It was so funny & coincidental because this is also the brand that Aki’s mom is using at their house (especially the glasses from the Old Luxembourg series, one of the oldest décors made by Villeroy & Boch). His mom told me that the set was gifted to her and I think that this may be a popular brand for tableware here in Japan.

When I’m in the mood for some food x self-care activity (hobonichi time!), I arrange food bought from a local grocery & recreate a cafe-style ambience in my little Japanese apartment. This is probably the only instagrammable corner at the moment, haha! Woops.


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During the shooting day, Riria-chan (his niece) and Papi (their cute dog) stayed with us for our double-purpose mini cooking party !

When the boxes came to my apartment, everything was carefully packed.

The set of products assigned to me to work on was Old Luxembourg & Food Passion.

Clever cooking strainer & bowl, Pasta Passion, Boston glassware, Soup Passion, Flow, Oronda, Old Luxembourg Plate, & Food Passion.

I wanted to take a super nice flatlay photo but we lacked natural light that day. When we cook again & use these next time, I’ll take better shots, haha!

[Insert Ingredients List Here]

Pasta passion plate

Flow bowl with handle

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When Aki and I conceptualized on the entire meal course, we took inspiration from his mom’s usual dinner preparations.

At their house (a typical Modern-day Japanese family), they would prepare a huge bowl of salad (no wonder Japanese people are so healthy haha), main course, and fruits as desserts! The clever cooking bowl is both a strainer for pasta and a bowl of salad. The design is really sophisticated & functional at the same time!

That day was extra special so Aki transformed the basic apple slices to Usagi (bunny-shaped) ones. He is so good at fruit carving.. while me, I even have trouble using peelers lol.

I guess my role that day was to show the “mix & match” of old (Old Luxembourg) and new (Pasta Passion) crockery on a modern Japanese dining table setting.

Old Luxembourg plate used for the fruits

His pasta was really, really yummy and I think it can even pass as a Royal Host pasta lol(Royal Host is my favorite family restaurant in Japan). The spicy mentaiko really made it savory! If you are a pasta lover like me, I recommend trying a wafu pasta when you come & visit Japan next time. It’s really different! In the Philippines, did you know that our localized version of spaghetti is sweet (made of banana ketchup + hotdog slices)? Now you know, lol!

When somebody cooks / prepares food / treat us with food, we always say “Gochisousama deshita” every after meal.


(of course, because #JapaneseManners, I washed all the dishes after haha)

This post is sponsored by Villeroy & Boch (JP Webstore).

{ Old Luxembourg & Pasta Passion }

Of course, this blog entry will not end without a Hobonichi spread!

It was really a memorable day for all of us. Everything was so random because we had to babysit Riria-chan & the supposed “cooking date” became a mini cooking party after.

楽しかったです!(Tanoshikatta desu). I enjoyed! ^^

My hobonichi and my favorite item from Villeroy & Boch ~

How about you, have you tried a wafu pasta before in your country? Do you also have a favorite item from V&B?

Let me know below! 😉

Love, カイラ

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