I wouldn’t mind getting lost

I got lost around Omiya a few days ago! Kaila has poor navigational skills.. ZERO skills.

And to add, my feet were hurting so much because of my killer shoes. Had to buy a pair along the way.. and I found a very cute black pair of mori girl-inspired flats! I wouldn’t mind getting lost if I get to window shop too, haha.

Took this photo (below) and sent it to my brother who was, at that time, having a relaxing thai massage at his favorite massage salon. My goal was to also drop by at the thai massage salon after school (all the way from Shinjuku!). After an hour or so of walking around (thanks Google Maps / iPhone, and my simple Japanese), I found the place! Had a soothing massage after getting frozen because of the samui (cold) weather.

Where the f am I?


But before that day…

I went jogging for the first time! I enjoyed it so much because the neighborhood was quiet. I wish I came sooner so that the path I jogged around would be full of cherry blossom trees! Wouldn’t that be so… cardcaptor sakura? Hahaha


I noticed that the Japanese are fond of flowers! It wouldn’t be something new or any different if one would have a garden of tulips in front of her house here.

Make a wish! Made lots of wishes and blew those cotton-y idontknowwhattheyarecalled away. So childish, haha.

When I was young, I would ride my bike every single day. I missed biking so much! Biked around and explored our area for a while.


Tried the hotspring near our place.. the Japanese way. Imagine how shock I was to find out everyone was buttnekkidd :O

Ate bibimbap/bibimbam/whatever you spell it afterwards! It was so refreshing! My brother told me that going to hotspring regularly can significantly make you lose your body fats. I am so going back!



Even during golden week (similar to Philippines’ holy week), we had a class yesterday! It was my first time to ride a bike to Kita Urawa station. Good thing there were slots in the parking station of bikes! I had to change 3 train lines to get to Shinjuku.

Empty hallway.


Had the whole school park for me! Nobody was there.. and I was too early because I was scared of getting lost and late.


Good morning!

I bought lots of socks! Wearing a pair is perfect for the cool weather! This is my favorite winged ring I bought in my home country.

I am currently the only Filipino student in the language school. My classmates get to chat in their native language because they are either Chinese or Indian! But I don’t mind at all. I hope I can speak the language (nihongo) more naturally though. Also, I am very thankful of my previous Japanese lessons 2 years ago! Though I’ve forgotten all those kanji characters, I can read and write Hiragana and Katakana (what a lie, haha! Katakana is harder) well.

I wanted to steal this super cute bike! It’s in cotton candy blue and the wooden basket OMG TEAR


Last night, my brother, the girl he’s dating and I ate dinner at a very interesting place. It’s called Arabian Rock, it’s also around Omiya. I couldn’t take pictures but the place was too awesome! The waiters were genies and before we got in, we had to rub the lamp. It’s like we were in Disneyland. The tables / where people eat were inside tents! Such an experience.

Golden eggs!

The food was so delicious. Caviar was @_@

The drink Lisa-san ordered for me had a blinking ice. I don’t know how to describe it.. but it was similar to blinking lights.

It was Lisa-san’s birthday and we got a not-so-surprise surprise. Cute cake, as expected from the Japanese.


That would be all for now. I’m still fixing my stuff here in our home.. and my room’s still in a mess. Good news though, I finally have a dresser! YATTA~



5 thoughts on “I wouldn’t mind getting lost

  1. It’s so cool that you’re in Japan now! *w* And I would LOVE to ride that cotton candy blue bike~ :heart: Although I don’t really know how to ride one. XD

    (Btw ate, I e-mailed you in your eerie-silence e-mail so I hope you’ll read it~! ^^)

  2. Wow! I hope I can learn Nihonggo too. My mom knows Nihonggo but she is not as fluent as she used to. She learned it in college and kinda mastered it at the Japanese cruise ship she worked at. But she had me and needed to quit her job and take care of me. Now, she can just speak the basics. I have some Japanese books and dictionaries that I got from mama but of course, since she has forgotten most of her JAP-knowledge, I can’t understand a word.

    But the best of luck to you, ATE! Learning Japanese might be hard but the important part of it all is you’re determined to learn it no matter how difficult it might be because you’re KAILA. You can do theeeeezzzz. :heart:


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