I’m Seoul Happy With You (Korea 2017)

Hi all!

Here are the photos from our disposable film cameras during our recent Seoul trip last week. More stories on the blog / youtube later! For now, enjoy the rawness of our moments.

Looking for you in the crowd

There you are

Please take a picture of me ~

Can we freeze this moment?

Well, that was spicy

Getting lost with you and discovering many things = the best

Our favorite time

Happy Birthday to this wonderful person 🙂

Breakfast together ~

From the other side

Just Kaila being Kaila

Chasing the sunset like there’s no tomorrow, lol




10 thoughts on “I’m Seoul Happy With You (Korea 2017)

  1. OH NO! YOU GOT IT TO KOREA! It must be such a beautiful trip with love ones,Kay. SO happy looking at your Seoul Filmed Camera ><

  2. Sobrang kilig whenever I see your post/stories on Instagram! Haha. Your film photos are so nice! There’s always something so ~extra~ with film and disposable cameras. ?

    xo, Lou | Caffeine Rush

  3. Hi kaila ! This is comment is irrelevant to your post! But just wanted to drop by and say that I’m glad you’re still blogging ..still doing what you’re passionate about .. you’re still doing you !! I used to read your blogs probably around 2011? I don’t really know what year it was , but you used to have photoshop tutorials then and resources .That’s how I learned some of the tricks in photoshop , through your blog .I went on to try nursing but then eventually realized that graphic design is where my heart is really at. I’m on my last year in my graphic arts program and just thought about you , because I was just reminiscing how I got started with photoshop and all. I am glad you’re still being your creative self . Loving all the content and glad you’re enjoying your time travelling the world !! You and your boyfriend look cute too! Just wanna say thank you for you and your blog !! I really once aspired to be as creative as you ! Now I am still trying to be !

  4. @Denise: Hi Denise! Thank you for your kind words! I can’t believe you still remember that, haha! I’m so happy that you feel that I’m still the same. :”) Good luck in all your creative endeavors! 😀


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