It’s About Time

Hi all!

Long time no blog, haha! I’ll tell you why I’ve been inactive recently after this mandatory blog post header photo lol.

(my selfie is totally unrelated but I don’t have any recent pic lol)

For the past few weeks, I’ve been preparing. I’ve mentioned before about my dream about going full-time as a content creator (with being an entrepreneur as a sideline hehe). Let me quote myself back then, hahaha

During sometime last year, I woke up one day and I finally realized what I really wanna do for the rest of my life. I’m the type of person who is so active and tries out everything.. so this ~enlightenment~ is really different for me. Definitely a eureka moment for me.

Ever since I discovered how fun it is to tweak html codes & create webpages more than a decade ago… indeed, I have always created web content almost all of my life. This skill that I honed with the help of google, some books, workshops, youtube videos and such, really helped me greatly to jumpstart many projects online. Do not get me wrong though, I do love my work at JLM Store as the overall manager + founder / creative director for Japan Lover Me.. but besides being part of this amazing & ambitious company which I juggle with my entrepreneurial ventures, I think that a huge part of my calling in life is really to come up with fresh creative content in the form of blog entries, videos, and such. When I think about it, I really do have the best time whenever I do and combine all the puzzle pieces (ideas) inside my brain. Though it is tough for me to go all-out and full force for Rainbowholic (meaning, I need to support myself 1000% by not having to rely on a day job).. I am really motivated to make this happen. Thanks to all of my readers’ encouragement throughout these years because without that, I don’t think I would be able to sustain this platform for long. Of course, I won’t leave JLM Store / Japan Lover Me completely. I will still be evidently there as it is my big baby with my team.. but I aim to really concentrate a huge chunk of my time to build the empire I have in my mind. Phew ~ gambatte, self!

I feel like I’m always evolving and I can’t stay too long in one phase. This is probably because I always want to improve and level up myself no matter what. When you’re getting older, I guess that the only way to stay ~youthful~ is to be hungry for knowledge. And I wanna be youthful even if I age every year, lololol ~

It will take many baby & big steps to really reach what I envision this personal blog to become and I hope that you will still be there when it happens! :”)

– Kaila (February 2017)

Finally, I have the courage and the “supportive” go signal to pursue this passion that I really want to do next for my career. I asked myself many times these past months… “If not now, then when?“.

What do I envision myself to be doing in the future? I really see myself hibernating in some place (my studio), planning, organizing and creating content, using my main channels to teach what I know, and making use of my influence to inspire more people to never give up on their respective dreams. I can vividly see myself traveling many places, sharing what I’ve discovered and seen through my journaling process videos, vlogs and blog entries. Things that I’ve always done during my free time and no work days, I wanna make them as my job. Sounds ridiculous / wtf / idealistic to some, but I know if I make many time and love for these, dekiru yo. It can be done. I may not be as blessed like others who can just freely choose what they wanna do, but I can also make myself lucky by creating my own opportunities slowly.

Reaching this point has been a real challenge for me because I couldn’t just drop my day job at our company like a hot potato. My responsibilities last year were really big and I was the only person who could do most of it. Financially-wise, I wasn’t ready as well. I was saving up for many things and events.There were also many moments I questioned myself if this was the right thing to do or am I being too impatient, etc. I’ve had a few breakdowns and I felt super overwhelmed by other things too.  My knowledge about going full-time was still in a very slow progress. I kept on asking myself, how do I multiply my hard-earned salary for my own capital here in Japan? How will I make use of my lunch breaks, mornings and free evenings to try many things? It was only recently that I felt in my heart that.. “I kinda figured out this thing” (note the “kinda“, lol). When I was 23/24, there were many times that I felt like I’ve already figured out my life and omg lol, what was I thinking?! Haha. But I’m still proud of my previous versions of myself, lolol. Honestly right now, I’m still doing many scary things and investing my efforts in unsure things but if there is one thing that I am most sure about, the only way to make this successful is to… just make it one. Very simple yet complicated at the same time, ね!Haha!

I typed a lot omg. I have just 40 minutes left before 10AM and I must finish this Hobonichi With Me video already. (This is how scheduled my life is right now lol, but not anymore this June!! YAAYY) ~

To all my readers / subscribers / dear friends / loved ones who are still here since Day 1, see you more often, haha! I’m so haaaappy. Your encouragement and all these feedback about what I do really inspired me to fight for this passion of mine. It’s been a decade or so already, and I’m still blogging, creating, and teaching myself with “computer stuff” (before, it was photoshop.. now, it’s final cut pro x  lol).

This is just another fresh start. Thanks for sticking with me.

Love, カイラ

5 thoughts on “It’s About Time

  1. You’re an inspiration master!! I love you and I miss you!! <3 keep doing what you love and we'll always support you!

  2. <3 Thank you for always being a constant inspiration. I know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

  3. Thank you so much for this. Many of us, many who are even older than you, are still trying to figure out how to do what we love full-time and the answers are not easy. But reading posts like this from someone like you, truly help us also be closer to what we dream. Your post made me realize that I too, must work harder to make things happen… like… REALLY! Thank you, Kayla-san but this post, and the inspiration you bring to us through your videos and reflection.


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