January Highlights (hello late twenties + ready for 2019!) πŸŽ‚

Hi everybody!

Thanks for visiting my blog! : ) I won’t be updating here as regularly as before as I’m focusing on sharing through patreon / other platforms right now (I am currently preparing for something very important that I cannot disclose at the moment) but I’m planning to at least share some blog-worthy moments of January. January is my birthday month which is automatically a special month for me, haha.

For 3 days, Aki & I traveled to 3 prefectures (unintentionally haha). Read the first part & 2nd part (with travel tips) over at patreon.

I remember feeling super overwhelmed by work that time. I didn’t have any choice because I had 2 trips this month (bday/holiday/anniv trip + attending a friends’ wedding/family time) and I wanted to really enjoy both trips so I worked extra hard in the other days. Thankfully, I’m still alive and kicking today.

Gifu & the cuteΒ Sarubobo charms everywhere.

It is so nice to forget all of your worries and problems in a day.

Forever thankful for this man for being so supportive of everything. For helping me even after your day job.. & you would travel far just to pack with me so we can ship my patreon rewards on time.. I know that everything right now seems so hard and a big sacrifice still but I can finally see the light. All of our efforts combined are paying off slowly. Next goal is to find balance for everything. : )

~ everyday life ~

Thank you Chichi for the drawing that made my day ~

I didn’t think it was possible but I finished the #DreamJournaling2019Challenge!

Spent 4 days with my family. We only get to spend like 7-10 days a year together and this year, I will change that.

So wonderful to witness my dear friends’ wedding! I really enjoy this company of friends!

(no photo here but I just want to say that I’m so glad that I got to reunite with my friend Abbey for one afternoon of catching up! we had so much fun that I don’t have any selfie here in my phone’s memory lol)

Achievement of the year: Checked-in my iMac luggage and it arrived without any scratch!

Patreon life ~

Taking it slow in some days because I deserve rest hehe

You were just a dream / wish before but now everything is falling into place. ;_;

Thank you for reading! ^^


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  1. So happy whenever you post an update. Wishing you the best and sending all the good vibes! <3


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