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My Fashion Designer friend from Philippines who makes beautiful tiaras and crowns for glowing brides has just arrived in Tokyo! It’s amazing how Ate Tracy‘s sister and I were just participants in a Japanese Street Fashion Contest (my first time  :tss: ) way back and we’re seeing each other again! She’s so friendly, hyper, and very interesting! Actually, I had a so-so experience in Japanese Street Fashion Contest before (hosted by Japan Embassy of Manila). I tried making friends with other participants as well, but some groups are just so “exclusive”.. and that’s the not-so-fun part of that contest. Probably the reason why I got turned off of Philippine conventions that are Japan-related. Anyway, I was so glad to have met wonderful and friendly people like Ate Tracy and her sisters! Even though she’s achieve a lot, she isn’t a snob.  :star:


Crazy train ride yesterday! I live in Saitama so I had to change four trains to arrive in Meguro, Tokyo! It’s so benri (convenient) to have Google Maps with you~! I got a bit late so I was really worried because Ate Tracy and her friends were waiting for me as well. I left quite early but the two trains were late! Sigh.

After we arrived at the event place (amazing setup, and the hotel looks so fab!), the fashion show started right away. The fashion show showcased all the brilliant works of up-and-coming fashion designers from Japan, Manila, Russia, China (forgot other countries). I think two represented Manila and a Filipino (Jun Rodino Artajo) won second place! Philippine pride!


Sorry for the horrible photos, the lights weren’t working well with the camera!

Ate Tracy is pushing me to join this. I think I would give it a try. I have a lot to learn yet but in one year, I believe I can do a lot! Jibun de! (on my own)

I think my photoshop automated action messed this picture up.  😥 I need a tripod and a zoom lens for fashion shows!

Or a closer seat?

There was a contest for illustrations as well. I think I should join contests here in Japan! My brain has so much idea juices, I have to unload ;__;

My sempai, Ate Tracy. I swear, if I get married someday, I’ll have her to crown me with her beautiful tiaras!

Endless plugging for Tiara by Tracy Dizon Tiara by Tracy Dizon Tiara by Tracy Dizon Tiara by Tracy Dizon Tiara by Tracy Dizon


The place took event in a fancy hotel that I cannot remember the name : |

Thank you for the lovely Japan Fashion Design Contest invitation, Ate Tracy! My sempai (my senior)!


Rainbowholic for Tokyo Fashion (www.tokyofashion.com)

If you’ve been following me on my private twitter (@kailaroo), you’ve probably read my tweet about Tokyo Fashion accepting me as their official contributor! I know right, you can’t believe that too! I cannot believe it myself! I received their positive feedback from my one-shot email (of selling myself just like an Advertising student in her sales class) right after my gym session! I couldn’t believe that they actually read my email and they were interested in me having to work and collaborate with them! THANK YOU BACKPACKING IN JAPAN VIDEO!! Anyway, fast forward…


There was a mini-art event (arranged by Caro, Tokyo Fashion friends’ friend from L.A.) that was held at Nakano Broadway (again, thank you iPhone and Google Maps) and right after the Japan Fashion Contest Event, I journeyed from Meguro to Shinjuku to Nakano! It was my first time in Nakano as well! It felt like a Kyoto downtown with Ueno vibes!


Young local Japanese artists with their amazing art displayed!


Have some visual pleasure (sounds wrong) with my photos : )

I’m not shy about taking purikuras on my own hahahaha I don’t think I have any shame left with me anymore : ))

And right after this photo, I found the museum.. and I was surprised to have met the team!


It was an incredible experience to talk for hours with them (the duo Timu Mori)! I met their awesome street snapshot photographer, Kira (cafe master!) and a sempai from my school’s sister school (Bunka Fashion College), Momo! It was so fun to hang out with the people who are  behind the Tokyo Fashion (the world’s gateway and door for Japanese Street Fashion). After speaking so much with them, I realized that I have yet a LOT to learn and to immerse myself with. I love how they speak of Japanese art and music! And they’re so kind, friendly, cheerful, cool and it was giving me goosebumps! The next thing I knew, we were looking for a place to eat yakiniku. My tummy told me that it was full because I ate my late lunch somewhere I don’t know (this girl cannot remember names) and it was a bowl of delicious katsudon. Spent hours and hours of talking from Lolita, Blythe, Sudan to China, Cambodia, places in the world, Murakami’s art, Kira’s roommate, Nicki Minaj (I met her stylist and she was wonderful!), flea markets, my Okinawan cheeks (ahaha), Japanese language itself, frustrations, my brother and the stuff he does, rooftops, and everything we could have possibly talked about. It felt like a dream! Seriously, the whole experience was too overwhelming! I think all of us have the same principles in life- and it’s to get yourself busy and do stuff that you love. Magical night full of learnings about life and passion! And I had lots of laughs.. I laughed so much  😥

Thank you to the whole (seemingly big team at first) for welcoming a 20 yr. old happy dreamer like me! Such a warm welcome!

I shall work hard and become part of this great creative collaborative effort!


It was a great night, and I had to capture my silly face with my (oily) tomato nose. Walked home at 11 in the evening, whaddup!

The photo at the center is just my best photo hahaha but it’s probably my face all the way from the moment the team parted their ways.

At least I didn’t cry~!. I always cry whenever the moment is so overwhelming and too happy (ask my boyfriend). : )


Quick outfit snapshot in an almost-empty show comfort room in Kita Urawa station. Hello poodle-inspired hair!


That’s all for now! I love how this feels like college all over again~ I’m getting more and more busy~!


5 thoughts on “Japan Fashion Design Contest + Nakano + Tokyo Fashion

  1. kaila you have no idea how happy and proud i am of you. I think i say it over and over but it’s because you never cease to amaze me with all your accomplishments! I really hope one day i can skyrocket past rainbows like you have! I miss you so so so :heart:

  2. Waaa congrats kaila… Jampacked talaga experiences mo… 😉 goodluck sa lahat…. Madadagdagan pa yan 🙂

  3. You inspire me so much, Kaila. I don’t know if anyone could even understand the connection I feel through your photos and writings. I’m more than proud, I am honored to be able to watch you live your dream (that is, in some ways, also mine). Makes me want to work harder for what I long to do and see. Congratulations on becoming apart of the Tokyo Fashion team and good luck!

  4. Awww omedetou, ate! :yay: I wish you all the best~~ ^____^ GANBATTE!!! :heart:


  5. @Mishie: Thank you so much! ;_; YOU WILL! And I will be there to witness that : )

    @Anne: Thank you! I hope rin! Hehehe

    @Nyala: Awww, this made my day! Thank you so much! Let’s work harder, shall we? ^^v

    @Celinie: Yes you are and I’m gonna tour you around here okay? : D


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