Kaila in Harajuku, Tokyo (原宿,東京)

As much as possible, I don’t really want to write extra long text / captions for every photo in this (semi-comeback) blog entry. 😀

After seeing the photos of my awkward self (lolol forever shy me haha) by Marco TJ, I think that the photos alone can tell a story / describe the entire setting. (Great job, マルコ!)


Whenever I’d go outside / alone for work & personal time here in Japan, I usually bring my camera and/or laptop with me.

I carry my heavy backpack around with no fixed plans..

… I go to unexplored & favorite (a.k.a. bookmarked-in-my-brain) places,

spend some time in a cafe,

walk around the area..

and get myself lost in my own thoughts.

I chose Harajuku as a location for the shoot because it is where I find inspiration the most.

Harajuku feels like home.



 Photography by Marco TJ (People of Tokyo)



3 thoughts on “Kaila in Harajuku, Tokyo (原宿,東京)

  1. (I know I should be studying, but-)

    :yay: I think the photos really capture your personality! I’m looking forward to more photos from People of Tokyo :cheer:

    With love,

  2. ¡you beautiful photos! :blush3:
    in the pictures you look very cute, kaila Miss :333:
    I hope to see new photos and more stuff on your blog! :cute2:

    ¡que hermosas fotos!
    en las fotos te ves muy linda, señorita kaila
    espero ver nuevas fotos y más cositas en tu blog !

    karla :cute:

  3. Angel kailaaaaa!!! ♡ you look soo so so damn damn pretty n cute especially in the pic where you are looking over the flowers ^-^ ♡♥♡♡♡♡♡


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