A Kaleidoscope Attempt + A Date with Myself

Yesterday, I woke up early and had the sudden urge to finish this project I’ve been having in mind for weeks.

A DIY kaleidoscope.

I wanted to make a kaleidoscope with the tube instead.. but the recyclable materials just have to disappear when you need them most.

View from inside.

Still not satisfied : (

I will make a better one instead! More sparkly!!


Lacy Sunday Mornings

Lacy Sunday Mornings

I love my small bed

Winged Arale hat TTvTT

This feels like a parody of my self-timer days in my room back in the Philippines : )) I’m having a parody about myself. GREAT = ))

I went to Parco (a mall in Urawa), and inspired myself with the things I cannot buy.

Besides being a rainbowholic, with all of my past hauls.. you could say I’m a shopaholic as well : )))

Having a date purikura with myself. I love my me-days!

Lacy skirt and my favorite pink cross.

I studied for the test I had today (conversation and composition) here in my favorite chill cafe. I love Slouc Cafe!

Saw these latest additions. I have always fancied vintage-y things. Imagine my surprise when I saw this caramel-colored mini suitcase for a camera bag!

While waiting for the train. My hair is huge = )))

AWKWARD = )) AND WHY DO MY EYES HAVE TO BE THAT BIG @_____@ Purikura and automatic eye-magnifiers… hahaha.

I spent the whole day going around, thinking about many things (life in general, yes I’m that kind of person), and reviewing for my exams.

Interestingly, this past weekend has been productive. I got to make some of my products for my upcoming little shop, Rainbowholic.

Just a few from my collection. I’m planning to build a huge treasure chest before launching.

Wait for it!


2 thoughts on “A Kaleidoscope Attempt + A Date with Myself

  1. Awww you look so kawaii in your purikura photos hihi~ Awesome kaleidoscope, btw. *A* AND OMG THOSE RIBBONS AND CLIPS AND WOAHH~ :loveheart:


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