Seoul Trip: Hanbok Rental + LINE Store + Artbox + Myeongdong

Hi everyone!

Finally, here’s the blog trip from our trip to Korea last May. You can view photos from our film cameras here.

This trip was really unexpected!

We thought we would be spending his birthday at FUJI Q / somewhere else but we ended up booking flights randomly at Mcdonald’s, haha!

( Nice shoes, lol )

VIDEO: I’m Seoul Happy With You | Korea Trip 2017 (韓国旅行) ??

Before boarding, we made sure to visit Traveler’s Factory Narita Airport. It was part of my itinerary, lol!

Hobonichi With Me | Korea Trip 2017 + Stationery Haul ?

Arrived at Incheon International Airport!

First night was such a test. I’m thankful for Aki for being able to convince me to just bring one backpack.. because our airbnb was so hard to find, lolol.

We also ate this extremely hot and spicy x 1000 chicken + cheese Korean food. (I already forgot, I’m sorry! If you know, please enlighten me?)

Never consumed so much water in my entire life, lol! Welcome to Korea, Kaila and Aki! :))

They have really cute snacks too! Pokemon and Ryan packaging~ omo ~

Before meeting up with our friends Lando & Allie, we visited Myeongdong to exchange some money.

Gong chaaaaaa + taking a photo with Song Joong Ki lol

hi there

We rented all of our hanbok outfits from One Day Hanbok. Before going there, I made sure we had a reservation first just in case.

In the area, there were many hanbok rental stores you can choose from. I would suggest that if you’re saving up, don’t rent from the ones near the Gyeongbokgung Palace since those would be really more expensive.

Hanbok Rental Rates (from their website):

4 Hours – 15,000 Korean Won

1 Day (24 Hours) – 28,000 Korean Won (Minimum rental duration is 4 hours)

Additional hourly fee – 4,500 Korean won

Basic accessories – Free (Hair accessories, bags) Special accessories – 2,000 Korean won (Kings hat, Gisaeng hat, Gat, dress underskirt etc.)

We strolled around the area in hanbok just like real tourists, haha!

It was so cute to see locals wearing the hanbok dresses too! Reminds me of the yukata culture in Japan during summer 😉

soo manyy tourists :))

There was one big wall so we decided to take couple shots of each other :))

Thank you so much Lando & Allie!


We actually didn’t plan this trip together and it was pure coincidence! When I met up with Allie weeks (?) before for a picnic, I consulted with her about the visa requirements when going to Korea. And that’s how we knew each other’s Korea travel plans! :))

(Also, I was so surprised to know that Filipinos working and living in Japan do not have to go through the entire visa process to obtain the Korean visa. How 便利!)


Ssamzigil was so crowded! I will go back here during my next trip to Seoul ~

Finally, bingsu timee!

This was the biggest purikura I’ve ever gotten lol

Inside One Day Hanbok

HEHEHHEHE omg he took a mirror photo.. holding my handbag lol

( I hope he won’t read this blog entry lol or else I’d be in trouble.. lolol)

Cafe time to cool down ~


Myeongdong at night. Lots of street food!

I had to get one! :))


I wanted everything!

Artbox Stationery Store (where you will be spending most of your travel budget if you’re a stationery hoarder haha)


How to calm down??

I showed a quick Artbox store tour in the video, btw!




And that’s it for today’s overdue post!

Thanks for loading all the photos, haha!

Love, カイラ

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  1. Amazing 🙂 I like your hanbok,, it’s really cute. And the ice cream that is styled like a rose is so beautiful 😀 And wow o_O this stationery stuff shop is a dream


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