Kyary’s Purikura Machine + POP N CUTE with Tokyo Fashion and Harajuku Kids

Two days ago, I went to Shibuya for the POP N CUTE party!   :yay:  I really love going to parties / events like this because I can have a valid excuse to just meet up with my TokyoFashion & HFW friends! I don’t feel like working at all whenever I document videos! @_@

Also…. got to try out the new purikura machine by Kyary~ So cute!!! And wow, my eyes’ outcome looked great! Usually my eyes transform into anime eyes at default @_@ Purikura machines are eye-magnifiers!  😎

I am not embarrassed when I take my solo purikuras. : )))

Anyway, I have started video blogging again since we recently bought a new and more convenient video cam (the investments we make for Rainbowholic, haha) ~

You may find the music too loud (I apologize for that, shoud’ve used my earphones when editing!) but some parts were really meant to have no voiceover by me or something. Hehe~

You can treat this as my “behind-the-scenes” video whenever I work for TokyoFashion.. : ))

Such a memorable day this was! I got to meet new people from the same industry & had a delightful after-party with them. We ate somewhere nice.. and finished all the chicken wings. AHHHHH~ me and my love for food ;__; I can be fooled with food as a bait, hahaha. Kidding ^^

While I was browsing for some cold coffee at the nearest ministop in my place… I think that this is just so heavenly!

The naruto x ichigo milk is weird .. Naruto should’ve chosen a black coffee or something more masculine. Haha!

The cutest desserts for kids! I love ministop here ~

Just discovered this cute cafe inside a vending machine. I love Japanese-style advertising! Always so clever!


Cute coordinates I’ve found earlier at Harajuku! Waaaah~

While I was strolling around (specifically at my favorite accessory shop, Paris Kids).. somebody recognized me @_@

She approached me (she was with her friend) and she told me she loved my blog  OMG i was so shocked it took me a lot of seconds to reply @_@ Somebody recognized me in Harajuku!! Crazyyy!!

Thank you bright blonde hair for attracting attention~!

My hair was extra fluffy today. I tried not having bangs for this time for a change. I think I look better with my forehead not showing, haha~!

Thanks Liz for the super cute puppy shirt <3 <3


I guess that this will be just a quick blog update. More stuff for Rainbowholic soon~!  :yay:

Hope your weekend was fun~!


7 thoughts on “Kyary’s Purikura Machine + POP N CUTE with Tokyo Fashion and Harajuku Kids

  1. I love your rillakkuma headband too, is so cute, Love Rilakkuma stuff :star:
    Purikuraaaa, I want to try them someday :yehey:

  2. wow that’s such a wonderful day to be able to go to that party! It’s like a heaven for me to see a lot of people who have similar interest. Nice purikura! 😀

  3. Kyary Purikura *0*
    WANNA TRY IT :love: :love: :love: :love:
    can we also have purikura together in Japan? :tss:
    your eyes really did transform.waaaaaaaaah.
    SOOOOOOOOOOO :heart: :heart: :heart: PURIKURA *0*
    I haven’t watch the vid since I don’t have time but I promise I’ll watch it :yay:
    STAY KAWAII 4EVER KAILA-NEE :yay: :yay: :yay:


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