Kyuu Kumi, Semai Heya and Carlo

My classmates from 9 (kyuu) kumi and I went out for the first time!

At around lunch time, I met my Chinese classmates in front of Ameyayokocho. Ever since I got to Japan, I would always go out with my brother during weekends.. It’s a refreshing feeling to spend an afternoon with other people.

I am lucky to have friends who almost have the same interest that I have (fashion, design in general).. and we’re all girls. So happy that we had a mini shopping spree! The ichiman that I have saved up is now all gone..


Dawa-san and Sabrina-san

Sabrina checking out the shoes

Summer is really just around the corner here in Japan!

I have fleshy thighs and I like to flaunt them : )

Had a fun time trying out. Was too lazy to try out my picks. Lazy shopper award goes to me.

Interesting things.

I am so going to buy those frilly skirts when I get back!

Sabrina fancies umbrellas for some reason.


Had a quick lunch at Mcdonald’s.


Ueno is known for its pandas. Sabrina told me that pandas in Ueno are from China.


After shopping, we headed to Ueno Park. A great place to have a picnic with friends!

The rainbow bike I was about to steal

Then we met Tsai-san.. the only otoko no hito (guy) in our crowd. Haha!

I love fish eye! So glad that my brother bought this really powerful lens.

Cute ribbon on Sabrina

She really likes umbrellas

Shoro-san (katakana reading in process @_@) came with Crispy!

Really pretty girl

My friends are all pretty

With Te-san


Cute kaban!


I left earlier because I had to something at home.. Here’s a shot of the station. Forgot its name, it’s not Ueno,

Finally, my feet got to rest 🙂

Watch our video here:


Watashi no Semai Heya (My Small/Little Room)

WE HAVE INSTALLED THE GALAXY CURTAIN! It took us 2 weeks to figure out how to get the damn thing pinned on the ceiling..

My purchases and my bag. Spot the cute camera strap I bought from Design Festa!

I love my room and my window. Will definitely take “official” room photos like what I used to have before whenever I’d give my bathroom-sized room makeovers (in the Philippines)..

Some of my favorite shoes : ) My electric blue melissa pair is not here :”(

I stick random objects on my wall.

Yes, I love rainbows, ribbons, wings, polkadots, and everythig in between.


My rainbow purchases :3

Played around my trusty and compact digicam



Today is our fourth month together, our second time to celebrate Day 22.. miles away from each other. My flight to Japan last month was also 22, while he was still in Hongkong. I knew from the start that a long distance relationship would be hard but this is actually what’s keeping us strong.

I know that this would be too cheesy of me to post something more personal but I don’t really care anymore. Hi, I love you! Can’t wait to see you soon.



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  1. Kira Kira bears~ *w* Your room looks simple yet very cute~ :cute: And the shoes~ *_____* And and, happy four months anniversary~! 😀 XD


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