Kyuu Kumi & Semai Heya

My classmates from 9 (kyuu) kumi and I went out for the first time!

At around lunch time, I met my Chinese classmates in front of Ameyayokocho. Ever since I got to Japan, I would always go out with my brother during weekends.. It’s a refreshing feeling to spend an afternoon with other people.

I am lucky to have friends who almost have the same interest that I have (fashion, design in general).. and we’re all girls. So happy that we had a mini shopping spree! The ichiman that I have saved up is now all gone..

Dawa-san and Sabrina-san

Sabrina checking out the shoes

Summer is really just around the corner here in Japan!

I have fleshy thighs and I like to flaunt them : )

Had a fun time trying out. Was too lazy to try out my picks. Lazy shopper award goes to me.

Interesting things.

I am so going to buy those frilly skirts when I get back!

Sabrina fancies umbrellas for some reason.

Had a quick lunch at Mcdonald’s.

Ueno is known for its pandas. Sabrina told me that pandas in Ueno are from China.

After shopping, we headed to Ueno Park. A great place to have a picnic with friends!

The rainbow bike I was about to steal

Then we met Tsai-san.. the only otoko no hito (guy) in our crowd. Haha!

I love fish eye! So glad that my brother bought this really powerful lens.

Cute ribbon on Sabrina

She really likes umbrellas

Shoro-san (katakana reading in process @_@) came with Crispy!

Really pretty girl

My friends are all pretty

With Te-san

Cute kaban!

I left earlier because I had to something at home.. Here’s a shot of the station. Forgot its name, it’s not Ueno,

Finally, my feet got to rest 🙂

Watch our video here:

Watashi no Semai Heya (My Small/Little Room)

WE HAVE INSTALLED THE GALAXY CURTAIN! It took us 2 weeks to figure out how to get the damn thing pinned on the ceiling..

My purchases and my bag. Spot the cute camera strap I bought from Design Festa!

I love my room and my window. Will definitely take “official” room photos like what I used to have before whenever I’d give my bathroom-sized room makeovers (in the Philippines)..

Some of my favorite shoes : ) My electric blue melissa pair is not here :”(

I stick random objects on my wall.

Yes, I love rainbows, ribbons, wings, polkadots, and everythig in between.


My rainbow purchases :3

Played around my trusty and compact digicam

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  1. Kira Kira bears~ *w* Your room looks simple yet very cute~ :cute: And the shoes~ *_____* And and, happy four months anniversary~! 😀 XD


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