Learning New Things + A Colorful Dream

Hello~!  :yay:

Finally, a blog update about the current stuff I’ve been into!  😥

If you’ve been following my facebook page and instagram account, you would know that I’ve been taking lessons and classes of different subjects.

At first, all I wanted was just to learn something new & poles apart from my current work (which involves the computer) just so I could de-stress myself..

However, during the course of learning and taking lessons, I had a great realization.


I woke up one  day with super high confidence. Don’t know how & why, but it just happened. *_*

Still groggy from my sleep (at around 7AM), I called my mother..

.. and told her I’m (dead) serious with Rainbowholic Cafe.  :nod:


(literally the most random morning phone call my mother got from me haha)

This photo has the ~feel~ of the kawaii cafe I’m planning to put up here in Manila. 🙂

Blythe dolls, toys, polkadots, sakura, all things cute.. ~

Wouldn’t you want to be surrounded with something like these?

Where you are free to express your love for cuteness while enjoying your cupcake & coffee?  :blush:

Rainbowholic Cafe

a colorful dream that is about to happen. 🙂


Aside from that, my friend Anne (a film enthusiast) recently convinced me to try out the manual hobby again.

I really love this feeling, this feeling of excitement when you learn something refreshing and really different from the things that you usually do..

I can’t fully explain it with words but I think that I’ve been secretly longing for  another hobby again. 🙂

Been investing in books as well. I’m the type of person who gets frustrated when things have become dull / a routine / ordinary..

.. OR when I feel like I am not growing or learning anything, I feel empty *_*  :)))) I don’t know! Maybe that’s really how I am.

This is why I’ve decided to buy books to upgrade my current knowledge (creative-wise / work-wise).

I want to beat my current & past self with new learnings! 😀

You know you’re stressed out when you buy “how to get things done”-type of books :))))

To make the reading more fun and enjoyable, I use these Artwine bookmarks I got from my new friend, Beam! 😀


Baking 101 at Heny Sison Culinary School

Last month, I finally got to try out baking lessons from Heny Sison Culinary School!

Here’s what I’d probably look when I start managing my cafe! 🙂

The cafe goers / visitors wouldn’t know I’m the owner =))))



I had baking lessons with the super talented Food Photographer Justin *_*

All photographs used in this portion (lol) are from him. Hehe thanks JDJ! 🙂



With the mommies! 🙂


Chef Patty teaching us~

I really enjoyed the class so much ;__;


If only I could just study and bake.. bake and study… and eat :))

Derpy mode hahaha


Having fun!!



Maximum concentration hahaha

And we brought home so many cupcakes, cookies and cake slices that day. *_*

I’m really excited for my next classes! :”)


Barista 101 at Philippine Barista & Coffee Academy


Just last week, I completed my Barista 101 classes at PBCA /  coffeeschool.asia  :333:

The first cup of latte I received from school. 😀

Achievement unlocked moment!! TT_TT

Coffee art that I enjoyed so much.. my friends told me that my drawing skills skyrocketed after the barista lessons :))

Took down lots of notes. Never expected that coffee had such rich and interesting history!

(one of my favorite subjects back in highschool was history btw)

Where the magic happens. 😀

Received the apron after passing the written and practical exams! :”)


Kawaii lover barista :))


~ random ~ random~



After 3 days, this was my state. *_*

Been waking up at 5AM for 5 days and going home around 8PM-ish *_*

My dad leaves really early in the morning so I don’t really have a choice but to adjust >_>

My first cups of espresso! 🙂


The Rainbowholic Barista look haha~

Super cute brooch from Nat!

Everyday maki lunch from a FamilyMart nearby~

Brought these for our practical exams! 😀

Let’s imagine that we are in Rainbowholic Cafe…” :))


My kawaii table setup :)) Thank you to Kuya Yves for the photos! ^_^


Our instructors / judges were very strict huhuhu

Super serious face :))

Tada~ <3

Iced Matcha Cafe Latte soon @ Rainbowholic Cafe! <3

With strawberry-flavored sweetened milk too, if you want! 🙂

They were also teaching us how to make our own drinks using different ingredients / methods ~


Yum~!  :tongue:


ChiChi’s Birthday Surprise!

Even though it was such a stressful week for me, I decided to go on with my top-secret mission of surprising ChiChi on her bithday! 😀

I prepared a box of rainbow and matcha cupcakes + lots of cupcake toppers lololol

(and handwritten love letters hihihihi)

I  told her that we had to meet for a very important discussion (regarding Kawaii Philippines & JapanLover.me). :)))))

.. and the mission was a success because I made her cry out of happiness. :)))) Hahaha I’m a meanie! ^_^


Random Random~

I don’t know how to end this blog entry so yay random happy pictures. :))

How to wear your pajamas :))



13 thoughts on “Learning New Things + A Colorful Dream

  1. :hug: I really enjoy your blog posts, especially after the long loading times 😆

    It’s great that you’re trying out so many new things and enjoying them! Are you sure you only have 24 hours a day 😆 😆

    Ganbatte! I will want to go to Rainbowholic Cafe :DD

    With love,

  2. Oh wow! Such a long post!! you’ve really been keeping busy!

    It’s great that you’re finding your passion and following your dreams. Good luck with the new cafe! You’ll be really successful 😀 Adore the cafe art! I really want to come try your iced matcha latte!!

    Love and hugs,
    Amy xoxo

  3. great blog update. ang dami mo ng naaral at parang ang saya din nung barista haha! kakahiya naman ung photo ko napaka serious look hahaha!

  4. Wooaaahhh, I’m so happy you’ve decided to actually make your Rainbowholic Cafe dream come true! (。♥‿♥。)

    One thing that comes to my mind when you talk about starting your own cafe is the maid cafes we have at anime cons here in Sweden! For example, Sakura Garden is a project by a few girls around 20 where they put up a simple and adorable cafe on various cons. Both them and other maid cafes have become really popular, and now a real maid cafe is planned to open in Stockholm, our capital(it’ll probably take a long time before it happens though 😥 )!

    I think this would be a good way to establish Rainbowholic Cafe, even though it isn’t a maid cafe. You have Cosplay in Manila or something like that, right?♡ It’s just an idea I thought of(⌒▽⌒)

    I look forward to read more about this new adventure!! :woww:

  5. Heeeeyyy Kaira! You are always such an inspiration! Wanted to wish you a happy day 🙂 You are such a determined, cute and hard worker! chuuuu~

    P.S. Ebzzchan, if you are reading this, just wanted to comment (heh, talkative me~) that I heard of Sakura Garden and think Sweden is so awesome! Hopefully there WILL be a café, heh!

    signed Eila, or Um, from Umbridge <3

  6. You always manage to inspire me, what a great dream! :heart:

    I too dreamed of running my own cafe back in the day, but life took a different route for me! Good luck and when it gets tough remember, running a business is hard work, and getting a new one off the ground is even harder, but if it was easy, everyone would do it!

    As a barista and small business owner myself, let me know if I can help in any way!

  7. Wow Rainbowholic Cafe! Sounds like such a lovely place, I wish I could kind a place like here by me in NYC :ohnoes:
    It’s great to read your inspiring posts and to see you chasing your dreams and succeeding! :yay:
    I do miss your Japan posts too though! Will you be returning there? :33:

  8. Today is being a hard day for me, you know when we just lose our motivation? I am like you, I need to be always creating / learning or it feels like I’m empty! But as soon as I open your blog and receive this spam of happiness and ganbatte, it’s impossible not to feel inspired! I follow you for a long time and I know how bad you wanted a Rainbowholic Cafe, and I feel soooooooo happy that you are now fighting for this! One day, in the future, I’m gonna visit Rainbowholic Cafe, give you a HUGE hug for being so inspiring and drink this Iced Matcha Cafe Latte that looks SO GOOOOD! hahahaha thank you, Kaila!!! and GANBATTE KUDASAI! <3

  9. I just found your blog and it is the most amazing thing ever. It’s also inspirational because I want to own a café too, but more like a bookstore/café place. I definitely need to sign up for barista classes. They seem like a lot of fun 😀

  10. You are such a inspiration for dream following!

    When you become super successful please open a cute cafe in London for us to visit 😀

  11. So I just spent three days reading every single post on this blog and may I say wow. I am in love! you are absolutely amazing, energetic, hearty, and spontaneous and its AWESOME. Keep up with the blogging because you have incredibly mastered the skill. i think the best posts are when the pictures tell the story. i love your angles and filters and your.. i guess… feeling??? i dont know.. but its good!


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