Life Lately + Hobonichi Diary Updates + Fitness Goals ?

Hi all!

Here are some photo collages describing my life at present.

Kaila’s keywords: work, hobonichi, rainbowholic tv, exercise, fitness, struggling but fighting, & gudetama 

( Summer in Japan has been so intense! )

Goodbye, aging ajisai! ~ and hello to these beautiful summer flowers! ??

I’ve been watching what I’ve eating and training myself to eat healthier options. I wanna save some money too so I’ve been cooking / preparing my food more often than usual. Ice cold lemon water is lyf, btw.

I don’t know what happened to me but right now, I cannot imagine myself not doing any type of exercise / physical activity regularly. I think we can all blame Aki for this lololol

I’m truly happy that I’ve discovered another hobby & booooyyy this one is definitely unexpected, lol! Who would’ve thought that a person who would prefer lying down on her bed would be running at least 3 times a week now?! And this person also makes it a habit to accomplish home workouts by watching youtube videos! :O :O :O

I don’t measure my body changes using a scale because I believe I’m more than just a number (I think that most people think that scale is the best way to measure if you gain / lose weight…but NooOoo ~). Currently, I’m aiming to gain more muscles and to become more lean. Once I’ve reached my ultimate fitness goal, I will blog about what I did. I’ve been tracking it manually and I’m really proud of myself because it has improved my health a LOT. Not only physical health, but emotional / mental health. :”)

Need to hydrate every so often because the heat has been sucking the life out of me, lolol

So happy with today’s photoshoot success! Can’t wait to reveal this collab with a very talented kawaii girl ^^

VIDEO: Hobonichi With Me | FUJI Q Highland + Ajisai Garden (Yagizaki Park, Kawaguchiko) ?

VIDEOHobonichi With Me | Sunflower Cut-out Washi Tape + Rainbow Mail From Kaila ? ?

VIDEO: Hobonichi With Me | Kamakura for Ajisai / Hydrangeas (Hasedera Temple & Meigetsu-in) ?

And that’s all for today’s blog post~!

Have a fantastic week ahead, everybody!

Love, カイラ

6 thoughts on “Life Lately + Hobonichi Diary Updates + Fitness Goals ?

  1. I suddenly remembered your post (a long time ago) about your ideal guy.. now he’s with you. Haha! I’m happy for you Kaila-chan. 🙂

  2. Ah, I need to take some inspiration from you and do more exercise. I find running so hard because I have bad knees, but I wish I had the guts to at least try in public – I get so scared I will embarrass myself! >_<

  3. @Siobhan: You can start some home exercises for now if it hurts your knees! Invest in a yoga mat 😀 Good luck, Siobhan!

  4. Hi Kaila!

    You’re an inspiration. I’ve always wanted to start the habit of running! What’s the app that you’re using? It might help me.

    Thank you!

  5. Hi Kaila!
    I love you blog! I was wondering if you can recommend videos to start working on home yoga, Thanks


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