Memories of Spring 2018 (Photos From My Disposable Camera)

Hi everyone!

I got my film camera for end of March – April developed. Here are the results!

After I post this, I have to run and catch my train, haha!

Walking around the Tokyo neighborhood during lunch break.

Weekend shipments for Rainbowholic Shop. Had to bring these with me on a train trip, haha!

Not sure what these flowers are called but they really bloomed so beautifully after sakura!

My favorite cherry blossom view from above!


That time in Kinshicho.


I was so excited for this season to come.. and at the same time, I was quietly dreading it.


It’s because next month, I know my life will completely change. I will be moving out in a few weeks, a dear friend will be going home (which is really hard, because he’s my bestfriend), and more challenges in store for me that I have to figure out one by one.

I was excited for Spring because I wanted the winter season to end so fast. Since last year, a lot of things I cannot disclose or write about had happened in my offline life which really tested my character. Luckily, I’m still here, fighting my way through life and trying to comfort myself that some things happen because we learn from the best teacher called experience.

Spring season would always give me hope and reassurance.

And it did give me the strength that I needed to keep my focus and balance. よかったね。

How I meditate.

Sakura season would always bring me back to the time when I first moved here. So many feels, I need to blog about it with all my heart next time.

For a brief moment, I felt like the happiest sakura lover.

– no react lol –

Everyday hustlin’ is tiring but these little moments where I can enjoy my hot cup of coffee and sandwich before work really make me happy.


Thanks for taking time to read,


One thought on “Memories of Spring 2018 (Photos From My Disposable Camera)

  1. Hi Kaila,
    I really like all the photos you took with disposable camera. I’m gonna have a trip to Japan this November and I’m wondering where to buy Fujifilm disposable camera there. Can you help me out 🙂


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