My Purple-haired Brother + Purikura Time!

A week or so ago, we had a fun and spontaneous shoot at our place.  :cheer:



This is my purple-haired brother Francis. We experimented with his hair and we were expecting it to turn silver / gray (like T.O.P.’s) but..

.. it turned lilac / purple! : )))




Didn’t go anywhere since we were lazy and we just wanted to have a casual shoot.

Thank you neighborhood for the accessible photoshoot-able places, haha.

Brought out the kitty robots!


Apparently, my brother can pose : )) Should’ve taken a video because he’s so funny doing the poses! : ))

These twin masks are like me and my brother. We’re the devils in the family (lol) but we have completely different personalities!





R2D2 cap.. my other brother Eric has the complete Star Wars collection *_* Wish those fit my head instead! Haha.




WTF pose by yours truly. *_*




Wearing La Feet from Japonista Sole


Before his head turned purple..


His hair was bleached 3 times or more. *_*

With my favorite sisters (not blood-related), JL姉ちゃん and Claire姉ちゃん!


JL姉ちゃん’s daughter, Klara playing =)))


ASTROBOY~! One of my favorite looks. So retro-ish and cool!

Game Center for Purikura Time.. yay!

Since we were all in the mood to take photos, we all went to Omiya by car.  :yay:

Game Center cuteness! How I wish I’m lucky with UFO catchers though ;_; I SUCK AT IT! huhuhu..

Purikura machines! MiLK Beauty 2 is one of my faves!

More Rilakkuma cuteness *_*

Girly Bear!

Cuter version of Donald Duck, Pooh, Minnie and Mickey!

Pastel Gloomy Bear claws~

More Rilakkumaaaa~




My brother tried out this awesome capsule game. *_*

It must’ve felt like you’re in the battlefield itself *_*

Tsk, I should’ve tried it too!




Matching dresses, yay!

This is how designing Purikura is a serious business for girls. Haha!


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Thank you for visiting my blog, it means a lot!  :tongue:


11 thoughts on “My Purple-haired Brother + Purikura Time!

  1. @Laura: Omg! Hahaha. We bleached his hair 3-4 times (once a week) then used Gatsby (for Men) silver hair dye! *_* Don’t know why it turned purple instead..

  2. OMG ! I know I’m just repeating myself but your BRO IS SO COOL AND CAN POSE AND AND HE IS COOL OK ?.
    And his purple hair fits perctly.
    Big Love for the R2D2 cap.Seriously, goooooood 😀

    You three were really sexy and beautiful in the matching dress ! 😀

  3. Hi, you have really nice sneakers (at first photo, red and silver one), can you tell me which brand are they and where can I buy them? 🙂


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