Nagasaki Day 1: BRB Work + Nagasaki Lantern Festival! 🏮

Hi all!

Konncihiwa from Japan!

For today’s overdue post, here are some photos & stories from the first day of 9 Days Japan Backpacking trip.

VIDEO: Japan Travel Vlog 1: Nagasaki + Hobonichi Techo With Me | Rainbowholic 🏮

Such a pretty night it was!

I think I may have over 10 tram photos lol

Invested  in a cute walking shoes for this trip. That’s a must for every kawaii-lover backpacker haha!

Will show you guys what I pack in one of the next entries! This Coleman backpack was really a great buddy for me & my back. Not only it was cute, but it was light & expandable!

Since I wanted to stay stylish, I opted to bring a reversible sukajan jacket for me. I think it’s a good idea for those who want to travel / pack light during Spring in Japan.

After checking in at Haneda Airport, we stuffed ourselves with a big tonkatsu meal. Happy tummies!

First time to fly with Solaseed Air.

Japan from above.

A rainy Nagasaki welcomed us both!

Trams are the thing here!

We stayed at Urakami area, where the Atomic Bomb Museum was just 5-10 minutes away.

Our cheap & clean airbnb room!

Get 3,700 JPY off when you use my code 🙂

After leaving our bags inside the airbnb, we went straight to Nagasaki Chinatown for the pretty lanterns!

We didn’t really plan for this but Aki read from the flier we saw at the airport that it was the 2nd to the last day of the festival! We were so lucky to be able to witness this, indeed!

All the street food ahhh

Not sure what this is called but in Filipino, we call this buchi haha

Castella is famous in Nagasaki so we brought my Castella Gudetama with us hahaha

The drizzle was bearable, よかった

We stayed for a bit for the performances by the locals. So nice to see a mixed community!

After that, we rode the Nagasaki Ropeway.

Just pretend that we didn’t have a hard time climbing up to the deck because of the strong wind & rain, lol.

The view from Mt. Inasa was worth it though, hehe ~

And had this beautiful wefie photo taken. Fantastic lighting, lol!

I got Aki to translate some of these. Since we’re both cheap (it’s like 500 yen each), we chose to buy castella icecream instead lol.

When you see this in Nagasaki,!!! Green Tea Castella Icecream y’all ~

It was full moon that time and it was really nice to see clearer skies here.

Also can I just say.. photography skills are getting better, don’t you think? :))

Bought this huge cheese Castella for our breakfast tomorrow. I’m currently missing it right now, huhu!

And that was all for Nagasaki Day 1!

Can’t wait to share more photos / videos from the trip! 🙂 Stay tuned!

Love, カイラ

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