New Beginnings + Let’s Create Together with Patreon!

Hi everybody!

I finally got to sit down and write down about what’s currently happening in my life.

If you’re following me on instagram / twitter, you would know that..

I’ve finally moved into my new apartment this month.

Maybe only God knows how much I’ve waited for this day happen. After 7 years of living here in Japan, dreaming that someday.. I would be able to afford the dream pad that I’ve been longing for.. here I am now.

It wasn’t easy to get myself from point zero to here. To get all the apartment things sorted out (lots of calls, thanks to Aki & my brother for the help), to save up for this (GIRRRRLLLLL!! it was cray haha), and to mentally prepare myself from moving out from my previous home.. oh my. What a crazy journey it was! And it was just a few months ago~!

2 years ago, I wrote this dream (again) on my hobonichi planner.

Someday, I will have my own (bachelorette) pad.

I actually wanted to become more independent since last year but because many things happened and I had to help my family back home (my father got cancer (results will be released in a few months!), I had to assist my family here for more emotional support, and so much more)… some things had to be taken aside for the meantime. But I did not forget that dream. Everyday, as I travel and commute to my workplace (either super far Saitama or Chiba), I would remind myself that “Just wait Kaila, hang in there. The right time will come.” Every single time I would go to JP bank to send half (sometimes more) of my salary / earnings for my Dad’s therapy / misc. expenses, I would tell myself.. “Things will get better, don’t give up! The universe will be more generous if you are generous too!“.

And the right time did come. When my bestfriend (Justin) and I were talking about his plans on moving back to Manila (this also made me very ;___; for many months huhu. He’s my BFF / best friends forver), we joked about me taking over his place. I don’t know if the Guy Up There planned this entire year for me (maybe He did plan & I really hustled) but it was just so amazing how everything finally went into place. It felt like all my sacrifices since last year are now in form of rewards! I moved into a fully-furnished apartment (spacious & just right for a content creator like me) and I just had to bring my old stuff here. I’m not super rich but now, I have enough money / capital / buffer for reinvestment / growing my current work. I’m growing slowly.. and no matter how slow it is, progress is progress.

If you want to see what it looks like as of now, I have an instagram highlight (@rainbowholic) filled with BTS videos of my moving in / fixing!

Ever since I shared the news that I’ve moved in, I’ve been receiving so many messages from many people about room / apartment tour request. I actually have a big news in the following days / weeks (I’ve hinted about it multiple times on twitter) and that news will answer your message, hehe! : )

For the next part of this blog entry, I’d like to share this newest project I’ve been working since last month.

I finally have PATREON!!


To those who do not know about Patreon, it is basically a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. You can choose a pledge that is within your budget and the creator will give rewards based on your tier. I started my patreon around 2nd week of April (if I’m correct) and it’s been helping me a lot not only financially but also because I can interact with my patrons who have been giving me encouraging feedback about my creations so far.

You can read more about patreon and why I decided to go for it here.

Here are the perks if you choose to become a patron every month. All the rewards will be published / shared / mailed during the first weeks of the following month.

If you become a patron now and would like to see the rewards from last month, you may still access them! The great thing about this platform is that we sort of decide and create content together. I have some ideas on my mind, I share and ask about your opinion, then I execute and do my duties as a creator.

So far, here are the comments that I’ve received on some of my posts / rewards.

Having a patreon does not mean I will neglect my blog / youtube / other platforms. Having a patreon just means that through your help, I will be able to produce more high quality content by upgrading my gear, hire other talented friends / people to work with me (since I will have funds), and focus on content creation (which I’m super passionate about).

I had my first livestream just this Saturday and it was like conducting a 20 min. workshop, haha! I also shared some life / work updates that I don’t post anywhere else (*secret projects hihi*) and lots of extra Kaila stuff haha.

Watch the recorded livestream here about the following topics:

1. How to journal while traveling (and post-travel journaling)

2. How I print my photos while on trip + suggestions

3. Other creative travel journal ideas / alternatives

4. Life updates / what I’ve been up to! (why so many work?! lol)

5. Heartfelt thanks from me to all of you wonderful people!

This coming week (or next week), I will be sharing an early viewing post about my apartment progress. Hope to see you on patreon! ^^

I hope that through this platform, I will also learn from my supporters & inspire them to be creative and appreciative… and to dream big & make the best effort in achieving their dreams. I hope that in the future, I will be able to produce more life coach-ish videos for them (and hopefully, you)! I have so many plans on how to use this medium haha.

April 2018 Reward: Step-by-step tutorial on how to fill up your pages / spreads!

Sent out these rainbow mail packages / envelopes / postcards to my patrons!

If you’d like to get a monthly care box filled with Japanese snacks, little something from me, unique stationery only from Japan, then become a patron! It’s similar to buying rainbow care boxes / packages from Rainbowholic Shop but this one has more content rewards. 🙂


Andd that’s all for now everybody! I can’t wait to finish the 9 Days Japan Backpacking video and blog series, haha!

Watch out for a new sponsored review + giveaway on the blog / youtube soon!

With love,


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