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I wasn’t exactly the best student in class. I had no chance to become a dean’s lister (except for thesis/ojt) during regular terms (defense: almost every term, I have a math/law/acctg-related subject.. = no chance of becoming a “DL”). I didn’t have a lot of 4.0’s in my majors unlike my co-advertising students who aced the whole program. I remember how it was such a struggle for me to get a 1.0 (passing mark) in any accounting / basic algebra / law / taxation . There were a lot of times I would visit the chapel, plead for God’s mercy so that I could just pass quizzes from minor subjects (which had no relation with whatever I want to be in the future). Before I became a college junior, I even applied for a leave of absence because I had to sacrifice a term to help out my brother with our (now successful) websites, etc. I became an “irregular”, with 1 failing subject.. and that’s PARTCOR (law subject). I wasn’t exactly an achiever.. and never considered myself to be one.

Looking back at my college life (which ended a few months ago), I could only grin now.  I swear that every single penny that my parents / Kuya spent on me and my expensive DLSU tuition was worth it. The amazing professors I met in my majors, the fun adver crowd (happiest in my college, yes), the organization (which jumped to the top 5 during my time) that feels like a family to me, the harsh criticisms I’ve held well during our pitches (idk if this is a lie), a year or two of crazy college parties, “living-on-my-own” experience in EGI Taft 2013 (+ friends who would crash at my place), my own misadventures with commuting (from Quezon City to Taft, and vice versa), the eventful OJT in DM9JaymeSyfu (Agency of the Year for 2009) with my thesismates (can’t forget the endless research that trained us well), that 1 month of Betadine Feminine Wash that was almost nominated  to be our batch’s best thesis (but nothing beats the feeling of being recognized by advertising professors).. and of course (kill me because of cheese), meeting the one. :”)

Pardon the numerous parentheses (side comments like this, yeah?) I used in the former paragraph and the long phrases with multiple commas.. I just think that a jumbled / disorganized paragraph (of all sorts) best describes how my awesome university life went.

Haha, this feels like a graduation speech.


(Probably) not your best student (but a great one in her own ways) ,


5 thoughts on “Not your best student

  1. Hehehe, I only made Dean’s List once, the first semester of college since I had easy classes, and the last semester of college, in which I got President’s List because of my easy classes too. So don’t feel bad…

    BUT… I’m glad you had an awesome college life! I did too, I wouldn’t change it for anything. That is awesome that you met your boyfriend there 🙂 I’m so happy for you!! 🙂

  2. You might not be a dean’s lister but your creations (artworks, handcrafts, site & photographs) have always inspired – I’m sure, not only me – but many of your readers. 🙂 Come to think of it, I always go to your blog since but never actually posted anything… Nevertheless, it’s all thanks to you that I gathered up the courage to make a blog so that I could post my creations.

    Congrats for all your success! 🙂 Keep up the awesome work 8))

  3. @roanne: Forgot to repy when I first read this so…

    Awww, thank you for that. It’s very encouraging to know that I have inspired creative people like you. Thank you so much. TEARS


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