On Motivating Yourself, Reaching Your Dreams & Having The Right Attitude

Just taking a break  from all the light-hearted ~kawaii~kawaii~ blog posts I’ve been publishing here on my blog recently~  :blush: I figured that it’s also about time that I should share again all my humble learnings from all the not-so-good experiences from the past year (random fact: this period last year.. was really ;_; for me.. wow I survived that ;_____; phase ) and hmm… from the quite recent happenings too.. perhaps? Believe it or not, even though I do post a lot about happy & cheerful stuff going on , it’s not always been smooth-sailing for me. I get a lot of messages and comments about my “perfect life”. Oh guys, my life is far from perfect…

…. nor I strive to make it perfect.

A perfect life does not exist in this world. For me, the closest to the “perfect life” a human can ever attain would be having a really meaningful life. And that’s what I am aiming for with everything that I’m doing right now. A meaningful life that involves— putting a smile on other people’s faces, fighting for your dreams, sharing your own blessings & empowering others, inspiring people.. and doing your 10000% best in everything. Lol, can you already feel the deepness of this post?? :)) Be prepared! Haha~! 🙂

This post is dedicated to my loyal Rainbowholic readers who have always supported me during my numerous ups and downs in life ever since I restarted my blogging hobby (2 years ago). I think that as a person, I have grown and matured so much… from all the failures I have encountered in different kinds of risky ventures, ended relationships, frustrations in achieving my dreams…

Rainbowholic blog is my happy place / escape where I write and share about my days, kawaii finds, realizations in life, crazy dreams, shallow happiness, surprising accomplishments and the like. Rainbowholic blog has grown together with me.. I’m now aiming it to be a source of inspiration for others who need it the most..  together with my aim of sharing kawaii & JapanLove to everyone else! I don’t know if it’s really working (my kawaii mission) but I hope someday it will reach to that point~ ^_^ 🙂

Here are the 30 (++)  things I learned from every unforgettable (happy) and crappy stuff I’ve had!

Also, special thanks to marcandangel.com, my favorite blog that feeds my soul with lots of positivity every now and then!

It really helped/ still helps me a lot to move on from my bad days~  :yay:

I don’t claim that these tips are all 100% applicable for everyone.. just sharing my thoughts based on experiences!

Hope you could learn something from these ~  :cutee:


  1. When achieving your dreams, the looks + talent combination is never enough. Looks + talent + RIGHT ATTITUDE will bring you to your dream destination.
  2. Sometimes, looks + talent combo would work with luck included. I think that a not-so-good event *might* happen or it will be hard to sustain or level-up the “success” if you still have that *wrong attitude. So work on your attitude~
  3. You will meet lots of people who will grow close to you, test you and everything.. and in the end, they might also leave. When they do, open the exit door widely for them & just wish them the best in life.
  4. Don’t do things half-heartedly. Half-hearted efforts = half-hearted results.
  5. Forgiveness is a gift for yourself so be generous of it. Holding long-time grudges on others will have a negative effect on you instead while others move on with their lives.
  6. Hashtag yolo is really true (####You Only Live Once, lololol) so better make the most out of it (your life). You’re not always 18 yrs. old or 22.. so while you’re at your age right now, best is to do all things with passion and love with your current knowledge, skills & resources. 🙂
  7. You have the right to reject any form of negativity. Be it a person (himself/herself), a remark from someone or a harsh criticism from a hater (who is really disguised as a fan too, really.. haha). You don’t have to engage or act negatively as well.. you can always choose the more mature action– to become the understanding one and the bigger person by ignoring.
  8. When you hit the rock bottom part of your life, embrace your sadness for a while but wipe your tears afterwards and be brave enough to face your own problems head-on (and with a fresh startttt)!
  9. It’s true what they say. It’s not really about the problem.. it’s HOW you deal when you have a problem.
  10. During the “slingshot” moments in life (where you have to take many steps backwards to review & reflect), take advantage of those (blessings disguised in sad events) so that when the time comes when you need to be launched in the air again, you will land somewhere farther from what you’ve imagined . Even with failures, it can be a win-win situation between you and ” the failure”. If you fail & you didn’t learn or gain knowledge from it.. you did really fail. But when you fail + accept the failure + learn from it, you actually won a very valuable experience from that situation.
  11. Don’t stay in the past, you don’t belong there anymore.
  12. Slow progress is still progress + give time some time. 🙂
  13. You don’t have to please everyone. That would be so tiring! Just be yourself… & stick to your principles and beliefs while being open-minded at the same time. It’s ironic but I guess you have to mix that formula together. ^_^
  14. Ask yourself everyday on how much you want something to turn out successful.. that alone can motivate you & get your ass moving.
  15. When the time comes that you’ve finally gotten what you’ve been aiming for a long time, don’t let it get into your head. By staying grounded & humble, you keep your pace & prepare yourself for more greatness to come along your way.
  16. People change.. and you must go with the flow and accept when they don’t longer fit in your life anymore.
  17. Sometimes you will feel that people will discredit you. Don’t be super bitter or even try to get even. Unkind people need kindness the most. Set as a good example for them instead~ 🙂
  18. You don’t owe anyone/everyone an explanation.
  19. It’s okay to be not okay, sometimes. .. but not all the time! 😉
  20. When you feel like you’ve lost something important, it just means that something greater and better will come to your way. Have faith, do your best with what you can & look forward for more sunshine-y events coming your way!
  21. Everyone undergoes through their own kind of secret hell. The least you could do is to be understanding about this fact. Be considerate of others!
  22. Your ONLY competition is your past (or current) self. If you think somebody is getting ahead of you, well harsh truth is… there will always be someone greater than you. You have to accept that fact. And hmmm… guess what? They don’t even consider you as a competitor or a rival! That’s why you just have to keep doing things for your own self-improvement.. & not to try to be greater than others, because the race will just tire you out. Aim to become a version 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 of yourself instead..! 😀
  23. It might get lonely & cold at the top so better share your warm love & blessings to others too! 🙂 It’s more fun with other people involved!
  24. Don’t be deceiving. Look nice, and be nice at the same time. 🙂
  25. Smile when you feel like smiling. Try to smile even if you don’t. Cheer yourself up, because nobody else can move that curve on your face.. but  you. 🙂
  26. Be thankful and appreciative with what you have right now. How can you be genuinely (or SUPER) happy when the time comes that you’ve finally reached your dream if right now, you can’t even be grateful for your current blessings?
  27. When it comes to love, you have to love yourself first before you can love others. It will be destructive & unhealthy in a longer one if you’re in a relationship with lots of ~internal~ issues / insecurities. Self-love is VERY important. 
  28. You really are the average of the people you hang out with. Make sure you’re in the right crowd. It doesn’t have to be a big one.. it just needs to be the right one for you. You don’t need many friends, you need real ones!
  29. Don’t play victim or act like one when life strikes you. Keep your eyes focused on your goal, and bring out all your Plan B, C, D, E..Z, etc. when you have to. Become a survivor in any case!
  30. What goes around, comes around. Let karma do its magic!
  31. Everything has its own right timing.. so just believe and trust! AND WORRRRRKKKK!
  32. It’s better to be the person who got used.. than to be the other one. It’s still a crappy feeling (to be used) but at least, you’re not the one doing the hurting.
  33. If it makes you sad, let go of it. You have to make room for happier stuff by removing the unhappy things in your life.
  34. Don’t chase.. attract instead. This is so applicable in so many aspects! *_*
  35. If you feel overwhelmed by life, it’s about time to pause, reflect and relax. I suggest grabbing a notebook and writing down all what you’re feeling.. just to get the negative load off. And later on, draw your dreams, be more visual with your goals, etc. This is how I unwind when I feel burnt out and I still have many things to do.
  36. No regrets, just 100% best and love.
  37. Get real shit done.


And wow, I really came up with 30+ things / learnings!

Maybe someday I can fill up until 100~ but that would require more and more challenges! :O :O :O

Bring it on, life! 🙂

I’m gonna make you more meaningful than ever.



16 thoughts on “On Motivating Yourself, Reaching Your Dreams & Having The Right Attitude

  1. wow, I really needed this ;V; I read through every point you wrote! Thank you so much! I have the hardest of times staying positive as I´ve been sick for almost 6 years now, but yeah… Even if your life isn´t always perfect, I admire you for not being really depressed, and being able to focus on the positives ;v; <3

  2. Great post! If you don’t experience any hardships, you also can’t learn from it. But sometimes it difficult to look up. Your advice is really helpful :yay:

  3. Thank you sooo much dear Kaila! :hihi: Your blog is my happy place too and other people’s happy place and it’s all thanks to you! You really are inspiring and I really admire you for making all of your dreams come true. Staying positive is the hardest thing to do for me, even though I don’t have much problems, it’s just my personality. u_u I am so.. ugh. Fragile, sensitive, emotional, scared of everything.. I wish I was brave, positive, strong and happy. But it’s so hard to change when your emotions and feelings don’t want to change. 😥 I have dreams too but they seem impossible and I often ask myself “aren’t I selfish, what would God think of my dreams”, etc. …and these dreams just stay dreams. I don’t even see how could they become reality. :sob:

    BUUUUUUUT! Every single time I read something from you and view your attitude I feel so inspired and motivated. :yay: I feel like I just HAVE to get myself together and DO SOMETHING with my life and myself. The problem is that then time passes and I feel unmotivated and down again. 😥 ASDFGHHJK.
    I guess I don’t want it enough.. :sob:
    But in these times when I feel inspired I’m so thankful to you for everything, for this blog and for sharing your adventures and happiness with us! And for JapanLover of course!

    God bless you! :heart:

  4. :nod: I totally agree with you on this statement: 3. “You will meet lots of people who will grow close to you, test you and everything.. and in the end, they might also leave. When they do, open the exit door widely for them & just wish them the best in life.” I have experienced that many times in my life 😥 , but I keep going and now I value what I am and the people who matter in my daily life. Thank you for share! :heart:

  5. Kaila, these are awesome! I was thinking of writing a similar post actually, but it would honestly be so similar to this which makes me not want to write it anymore hahah but it does make me feel like the things I was going to write are super valid since you backed them up right here. I can personally attest to all of these points being 100% accurate and helpful to me. Thank you!! xx :cute:

  6. @Carly: thank you for thinking so! Go write it again if you want to! It will serve as a personal reminder to yourself as well. <3 gambarou!

  7. Huhuhu ireally did cry while reading these. It is my first time visitin and reading a bloglike this :nod: it got me really motivated about the things someday i want to reach. Yep and youre right when you lost a thing, something greater moght come to your life. I once got used by my past bff, for something like a shield to her another bff ( They gone to LQ or FQ XD ) by the end of my elementary, she leave us. But another came to my life a whole bnch of friends, now they’re very special to me. I learned that ” dont get hold to past, straight on to the future and learn from it ” 😀

  8. And ate kaila youre really indeed great person. I also want to come to Japan. It is my dream also

  9. Omo, I think it’s the 10th time I’m here, haha~
    I love this text so much. It inspires me every time and makes me motivated, y’know? Thank you, Kaila. I’m grateful that I can read your blog, because it’s a distraction from the whole life’s stress.

    I want to be like you some day. More positive than I am rn, because I’m working on being a better person. I will be a better person, haha! Seeing the new Kaila I feel proud – I’m here since 2k12, reading your posts and learning, laughing, btw~ You’re so blessed, girl, as we all are; but you’re changing the world, you’re a key. I really want every person to know you, ’cause my life changed soooo much after RH!
    I’m having some studies problems these days and you got me up. Now I know what to do.

    Thx again, Kaila. For real.
    This post is pure gold, huhuh~ <3

  10. Hi Lorena!

    Thank you so much for reading this post and for your comment! I used to be a not-so-positive person so if I did it, I’m pretty sure you are already on your way there! 🙂 Knowing this makes me more motivated to write more and share my learnings. Thank you so much Lorena again! 🙂


  11. Kaila, you are amazing. As your reader since 2011, I’m proud to say that you are continuing to spread happy vibes to everyone since you started blogging. You never fail to make everyone cheer up! God bless you 🙂


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