Quick Hongkong Getaway + Surprise Visit!

For the past weeks, I’ve been feeling tired and stressed out with things despite all the great happenings (Rainbowholic-related + family visit) that have occured. Future plans, work, relationships, self-doubts, .. I don’t know if I should love or hate September. A year ago, it was almost the same. ;_; SEPTEMBER Y U NOT COOPERATE ;_;

And this was why I decided to have a quick escape from everything. I booked a flight to Hongkong for three days with no plans. I could have used the money for my future toy poodle but it was what I needed during that moment…. a break from the world with someone special.  :blush3:

At 3:00 AM with not so much sleep, I prepared my stuff. At 5, I waited for the Kehin Tohoku line.

It was my first time to ride a train for Narita. Spent only 1,000 JPY for everything! But I bought the cheapest ticket so it was around 40 stops..?

Didn’t have anything so I had to fill my empty tummy first with Excelsior food <3

The whole ride was such a doki doki experience because I didn’t know how Carlo would react. ;_;

Around 3 days before my flight, I called his father about my visit.

(Uncle is sooo kind.. he’s like a father to me @_@)

Rainy Tokyo, sayonara for now~

The luckiest flight I’ve had! There were just a few passengers so I had the entire row for myself :3

Airplane food ~ I loved the soba noodles the best!


The Arrival

At 3:00~ pm, I’ve finally reached Hongkong after a 4-hour flight! Smiling Uncle greeted me upon my arrival. It’s always a great feeling when somebody waits for your return.  :yay:

First time to see the sceneries during daylight. During my first HK visit, it was night time so I wasn’t able to view the cityscape.

I hate how windows make you wonder and ponder about your life. /ok RANDOM CAPTION wtf


That priceless moment when he discovered me =)))) Thank you uncle for conspiring with me hihihihihi

I don’t know how many times he asked if I were being serious or what. : ))

Because Carlo had school the next day (of all the days he had to have make-up classes, it was my 1 whole day in HK).. Uncle was my companion!

He introduced me to his friends from work (as the girl who won NHK’s contest + got sponsored by a company to go to Netherlands .. /maximum blush).. I think it was around 4-5 times with different people? =))

So sad that I wasn’t able to visit the ongoing museum because it was for reservation >_<

I decided to just walk around and snap some photos to share.

Cute milk cartons. SO TINY!!

Pocky HK-style!!

Surprised to see some Gachapon machines! The 7-eleven stores have the same feel with Japan’s~


Somebody thought I was Japanese (I was the only walking Asian girl with blonde hair that time lol) and we had a quick chat!

I super love her top + shoes :O Great style, Chan Kuen-san <3

And then I saw this lost toy poodle huhuhuhuhu I wanted to run away with this cutie…




Orange Marmalade Girl <3

Choco-coated Pocky~ <3


I just walked and walked…

Carlo is studying here (2-year course in multimedia design). School really got him so busy >_<

I was so tired from walking so I just sat on a bench and slept for a while..

We share the same love for design. Wanted to steal this book!

Because Uncle gave me pocket money (huhuhuhu so KIND!!), I had a coffee set in this lovely cafe in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Mint chocolate + Strawberry Cake!


Uncle got off from his work quite early so he toured me around Mong Kok.

These little kokeshi dolls are love <3


iPhone deco cases so CUTE!


iPhone case paradise @_@


Carlo’s Papa.

View from their place :O

Cake presents from Uncle  :yay: Yum yum!!


I’m so small ;_;

I will come back again, Hongkong!!

Got a chicken treat before flying off to Tokyo again.


What I only bought from HK (surprisingly) : )))

Thank you Uncle and Carlo for taking time to be with me despite the hectic schedule. Surely, I will come back again .. with plans this time!  :heart:


13 thoughts on “Quick Hongkong Getaway + Surprise Visit!

  1. Aww. I miss HK. I’ve been there so many times when I was a kid. Hope can go bask soon. Your post brings back so many memories. How long are you staying there?

  2. AAHHHHH! I miss HongKong! I want to go back there soon! If given the chance, I’d live there!

    Super love your shots! What lens are you using? 😀

  3. Whoaaa, I think some of my relatives live in Mong Kok :O
    I haven’t been back to HK in over a decade now…gotta make plans to go back now, hehehe 😛

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    hong kong
    one of my favorite places :yay:
    I haven’t been in a diff country before but maybe someday I will :yay:
    and also those 3D arts are super awesome 😎
    so many kawaii stuff in mong kok
    it also feels like Nippon :loveheart:
    satchels,plushies,cakes and stuff that is cute, I almost die :blush:
    you’re soooooooooo lucky to visit mong kok :cheer:
    I really envy you nee-chan 😥
    I’ll be waiting for your next mong kok trip post 😀

  5. Aww this post made me miss Hong Kong. We used to go there a lot it feels like my second home-country already. Unfortunately I haven’t been there since we graduated. Work has me tied down. 🙁

    Anyway, I’m super excited about the Netherlands post! YOU SO LUCKY! 😀

  6. Also, good on Carlo to be studying in PolyU! :yay: Definitely one of the best. Man I miss HK (even though I still can’t speak a word of Cantonese). 😐

  7. awww! I miss mongkok! I want to go back there :333: ….
    masarap drinks sa Hui Lui Shan…
    collon = combos? hahahah

  8. Everything is so cute! I want a lot of that things for me :yay:

    I want to go to Asia someday. :33:

    My country is a lot different hahaha


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